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The "Free" part of the site entices you to put in your name and email.
Harmless enough, i can do that.
The next box asks for more information. A whole page. Well....OK
The next page even more, all your likes, dislikes, getting personal. Annoyingly they won't let you skip things like "what sports do you like" or what is your favorite music? even if you have NO interest in sports or music.
Download pix....OK may as well do it right. I have come this far.
Two hours later I am a Free member. Whee.....!
It is late, so I go to bed.
The next morning my inbox is PACKED with 30 messages from interested Thai Women (15 women, all messages, for some reason are duplicated). I start to read the messages and look at the profiles. Wonderful!.
On the second message, before I have a chance to reply, The message blanks out and I am "invited" to become a Gold or platinum member so I can read my messages. $35 a month, Or multiple months for a discount. Clearly marked that it will renew every month unless you cancel.

I am sure there are lots of nice ladies to be met

They really are clever about sucking you in, moneywise.
I feel a bit railroaded, as there is no way I can ever answer all these nice girls, even if I do pay the money.

My email box is so crowded I can't find anything else.

I advise a special email drop box just for this site, - BE CAREFUL, BE VERY CAREFUL!


Be Afraid and Very Careful! 99% CON WOMEN!! If you're careful enough tofind that woman in the 1%, they may be nice, but obviously has a LOT OF MONEY/FINANCIAL PROBLEMS!! YOU ARE HER TICKET TO THE USof A!!

If you want a Pen pal, and I mean JUST a Pen pal, to learn about other cultural stuff and/or other countries in Africa, well, may be! Otherwise, you your time to create stuff, or work extra to make more MONEY for yourself, the AMERICAN WAY!!

99% CON, and SUPER CON women. Hell, these women will FAKE their Mothers' Death, to make you believe a SAD Story, so you can send $100 for the funeral contribution. Get it?

Alonzo does recommend to friends/family

Find a BDSM Lover

Find a BDSM Lover - Bdsm Lover - one of the best social site in the wo


BDSM Lovers the site u can get your true love, please do n't give up hope, somewhere you will find someone who appreciates you and cares for you. True love is more than the romantic words and compliments it is finding the right person who will be by your side through the good and the bad times. Take care of yourself and I hope it is not too long before you find your own special person.

I think you can help someone to be confident and more trusting by reassuring them that you care. However, I do think that for some people it difficult to trust someone. It may be that they lack confidence or because the way they have been treated in the past. You can only try to be straight forward and honest,then it is up to her. Talk to each other and ask her why she feels this way. I hope all goes well for me hahahahaha.

To be in love... Such a magical spell that flows through our bodies and enter our very soul...To feel alive and glow from within because now life makes sense... Romance is in love... Giving your heart to someone else to hold softly that is romance!

Kindy does recommend Find a BDSM Lover to friends/family


Find-Bride - Scammers heaven


Oh you can sign up Alex. Just try again. They are waiting to take your money. I have run into at least five women at the site who are either married, engaged, or dating a nice Russian/Ukrainian man. Some women have children but lie about it in their profile.

So the site is designed to bring men in for chatting and writing letters. It is difficult to prove that the women are actually married and have kids. It looks like management's position is that someone stole the pictures from their site and built an entire life and chronicled it on the internet.

Weird stuff. It is kind of like Putin invading Ukraine and then saying, "What invasion"?

Some pretty women there and they are "real", in the sense they have the same name as in their profile. They look like their pictures and all that jazz.

I would say perhaps 40% of the women there are serious or almost serious about finding someone.

But those are not the ones who draw you to the site, right?

If you are going to go, do not speak to a woman unless you can independently verify her profile. That she is alone and that she isn't married.

Professionals for dating, chatting, and letter writing.
Tug at your heart strings, get you to chat and write more.
Then if you meet them, be prepared for a professional date. Sightseeing some parts of their city. Leaving you in the apartment they got for you for a day and half while they do, what they do.
Some of the most distant and weird conversations you will ever experience.
You have to buy expensive presents for them, that they either eventually return to the shop or keep as examples of your stupidity.

David Brun does NOT recommend Find-Bride to friends/family


MarriedDateLink - This site sucks big time --full of fakes and scamm


Most of the females are from Ghana. All the females on this site will, at one time or another, have "their hand out" They will want you to buy them a computer, or a new cam (they entice you by saying that if you buy them a cam they will "cam 2 Cam" with you). They will even ask for money saying it is for their rent or food or utilities bills . The favorite one is to buy them a plane ticket to come and see you. Those females who are not from Ghana, be weary as they may be fakes or scammers. There are females who say they are models and will lure you into a site which has been reported as having dangerous activities happening at the site (I have a program that alerts me to this). Some of these sites have been associated with Identity theft. In my six months as a member I have not been able to hook up with one legit lady!!!

Another issue is that I signed up at "Married but looking datelink. When I enter the actual site, the females are not from "Married but looking datelink, but they are from "singles datelink")

great profile photos, some cleaver write-ups. many e-mails sent out to me

-full of fakes and scammers
-many females report being from Ghana
-others report to be from USA but are in South Africa, Ghana or other countries and when you question them about where they lived in the USA, they can not answer the questions properly.
-Cost is high for what you get.
-Just about all females on site will want you to send them money
-Some are pro sex workers
-Some are "lures" to get you into a site that might steal your identity
-Others will lure you to "their site" where they will do a strip on cam but the site is a porn/dating site and they want you to sign up as a member
some women will lure you a sight stating they are a model and they are "horny" for you but before they can go out with you, you have to be "verified" through their site and this site is either a dangerous site or it is a porn/dating site and they want you too become a member.


jonsa41 does NOT recommend MarriedDateLink to friends/family

Ladyboy Meet

Ladyboy Meet - cute and passionate


i am a cute,clean,healthy,well off,easy going,mature guy with good sens of humor.
i am athletic,hairy,muscular,very open mind guy with so much passion for sex.

david does recommend Ladyboy Meet to friends/family

Gay Mature Dating

Gay Mature Dating - i am looking for friend


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mirian does recommend Gay Mature Dating to friends/family