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Reviews about Zoosk
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Zoosk is a heading web dating company that adapts as you click keeping in mind the end goal to match you with singles you're liable to be commonly pulled in to. 's Behavioral Matchmaking™ engineering is continually gaining from the activities of in excess of 27 million searchable...
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Reviews about Adult Friendfinder
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Adult Friendfinder

Adult FriendFinder is the world's largest adult sex and swingers site! You can find new hookups with the hottest singles and wildest couples. Whether you're looking for sex chat, nude webcams, swinger action, group sex or adult personals, you'll get it on Adult FriendFinder. Turn your wildest...
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Reviews about Fuckbook
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Adult network for sexual desires and fantasies. Join free and connect with easy-going people who share your interests. Chat, date, share photos and videos on...
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Reviews about MeetLocals
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Whether you're searching for a cool date, somebody to play with or simply an online kinship, you can discover it on That is on account of Meet Locals isn't pretty much gathering singles, we're about brining individuals together, regardless of what the reason. Along these lines, in...
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Reviews about AffairAlert
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AffairAlert is different. Unlike other online dating sites, we simply give you all the tools at your hands to find the hottest most compatible partners for a hot affair. makes online dating easy and fun to meet with local singles. Membership is free and you decide how much to...
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Reviews about OurTime
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OurTime is a dating site that not just comprehends what it is to be in excess of 50, additionally commends this energizing section of our lives. At, we respect the flexibility, knowledge and gratefulness forever that just come with time. We additionally perceive that what...
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Reviews about BlackCrush
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BlackCrush is your personal online black girl hookup. Meet local black chicks online who want to get it on. It's easy to find a hot black chick looking for sex online at...
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Reviews about Lonely Wife Hookup
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Lonely Wife Hookup

Guys, we all know being married gets boring and every lonely wife seeks out a hook up for a secret affair or a one night stand. Here at we make it easy to find a hot wife for fun. Join for free, search and meet your wife lover...
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Reviews about Find-Bride
Foreign Brides

Find-Bride has thousands of Russian and Ukrainian brides who are really beautiful, intelligent and sexy. They seek compatible partners for real long term-relationship and marriage - not just of convenience, but family-oriented, kind sincere men for a mutual happiness. These single Russian women...
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Reviews about DoUWantMe
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DoUWant is a sexceptional spot for adult dating!

Why look for spicy experiences elsewhere? Register at our sweet website for free and be certain that this is the right place for sex dating on the web! Here you can feel absolutely free to answer “yes” to any and all of the sexplosive challenges...
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More reviews - Sucked in


This site is full of bogus profiles. First of all it's not very mobile friendly. With constant popups trying to steal your money if you do not pay attention. Like others state you get cryptic one line replies that's designed to keep you hanging on. They even tried to rip me off by charging me got one of their fake sister sites, yet the kept telling me they had ve no record of the charges.So I had the charge reversed. I have never been in a worse dating site period. You have been warned, stay away.

Some nice pictures

Poor navigation, popups and general shitty design.

Don does NOT recommend to friends/family

Mr and Miss Black

Mr and Miss Black - Poor Customer Service, Expensive and potential fak


I joined this website, was swamped with messages, flirts, gifts etc but was unable to respond until l signed up to a package. I chose the 3 day VIP package and found access very restricted. When l complained, I was offered a better deal but was unable to take it up as they said my card mysteriously wouldn't go through even though l checked online at time and there was more than sufficient funds to cover the charge. They cancelled my account and told me call a number or visit chat to take up the offer at a later date. When l tried to take up the better offer l was told I'd have to take put another trial package to qualify.
Rip off city! I have now left the site with over 20 unanswered emails, countless unanswered flirts and unopened gifts. Don't waste your time or your money, no real dating site would've allowed me to leave if l was really that popular.

Expensive, poor customer service. Fake profiles.

Ian does NOT recommend Mr and Miss Black to friends/family

Biker Lounge

Biker Lounge - sucks


Fake profiles , great for pinpals but meeting up is not likely ... Most likely that cute pic she has posted is not her , fat hogs eating cake and playing internet games ...

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement - Good for What It Is


Seeking Arrangement is a sugardaddy dating site. That means that girls are looking to make money for hanging out with guys who have some money. If you understand and accept that, the site is not that bad. I found that, as a reasonably attractive male, I could go on there, set the allowance amounts to something reasonable, and find a huge array of women.

The trick of being successful as a guy on this site is to have rules and be upfront about them. There are a lot of women who get on the site and want to be paid hundreds of dollars just so you can buy them dinner. If you are like me, you do not need to pay for friends. You may, on the other hand, be willing to use money as a social lubricant to make dating faster and weed out competition, right? So, my rule, which I had to explain far less often than you might expect, was that I would be happy to meet and buy dinner and what not, but if she wanted cash and stuff, then we had to be on an intimate/sexual level.

Now, some girls will immediately start calling you cheap and act insulted like you called them a prostitute. In reality, these girls would have milked you for every penny they could squeeze out of you and offered nothing in return. My response to all that is to ask her if she thinks I am anything more than an ATM. If she is not willing to invest something of herself in you, why would you do the same for her? So, even if she's the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, do not cave in and agree to pay her just to hang out with you. There are lots of other women who will understand how it works and will be much more worth your time.

Of course, this brings up the opposite problem you will encounter: the actual prostitutes. They may not even realize that they are doing it, but you will find girls who are willing to trade sex for money with little or no getting to know each other before it happens. If that does not make you feel weird, then the minute they start talking about all of the other guys they are doing that with probably will. You cannot always tell who is going to be this way, and a few obviously snuck by me, but I recommend as soon as you find out you should cut ties. She could easily end up getting arrested and you could get dragged down with her (yes, police have been known to run stings on SA), and you also should probably be worried about things like diseases and raising other guys' babies, etc.

With all of these caveats out of the way, I will say that I have had marvelous success on that site. I've used it off and on for over 10 years now. If I am getting out of a long relationship, I find it is a great way to kickstart the process of getting back out in the dating world. I sign up for a month, easily meet 3 to 6 different girls, and can probably count on getting intimate with about 8 out of 10 of them. It might just start out as a fun fling, but a few have actually turned into longer term relationships, and many required no payment or allowance of any kind. Of course, most of the people willing to put themselves out there to date guys for money probably have a few scars and they invariably pop up at some point and can kill a budding relationship.

For example, met a girl, hit it off, things were great and we were using the scary "L" word with each other. Then it all went wrong because of issues with her parents that made it difficult for her to trust love. So she told me that although she loved me she was going to go back on SA to find a guy to hook up with for money for a new apartment. When I offered to give it to her myself, her logic was that owing people you love messes things up, so it was better to have sex with a stranger. Needless to say, I disagreed and that was the end of it.

Now, ladies, having met quite a few women from the site, I can say that you will likely encounter emails from a few creeps. Just as anywhere else in the world, there are people who will want to hide behind the Internet to indulge all of their fantasies and feelings of inadequacy. There will be picture collectors, there will be guys with strange desires, there will be guys the age of your father or grandfather, there will be married guys, and there will be the guys who look nothing like their photos. It is just like any dating site, though perhaps a bit grittier because of the connotation of the site. But, if you do not let that bug you, the site can be rewarding for you, as well. You can meet someone (like me) who just wants to spark up a little romance without the headaches of regular dating sites and doesn't mind helping you in the process. Really, sugar daddy dating is (at least to my mind) what regular dating should be: two people who like and care for each other and provide for one another's needs. Nice, right?

So, to sum up: have realistic expectations, and the site can be amazing. But, it requires that you be smart about your interactions and ready to move on to the next person if things are wrong.

-Easy to meet large numbers of women
-Helps you avoid the headaches of normal dating
-Money acts as a "social lubricant" to facilitate intimacy

-Have to be smart to avoid being scammed
-Most people will be a little damaged, making true relationships harder (though not impossible)

Chris does recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family - Full of Scammers


It's an okay site. It's not as bad as the blantantly scamming sites where the women are employees who are paid to show interest in the men. HOwever, they are not filtering well and there are TONS of scammers getting through. Try Luckylovers instead. The profiles are realistic there and if I see a scam like message in my mailbox, I find by the next day or two, that profile is gone or blocked.

At least it isn't one of those pay per communication scamming sites where the women are paid to show interest.

Not much scam protection

Richtran does NOT recommend to friends/family

Biker Planet

Biker Planet - HORRIBLE and FRAUDDDDDD !!!!


Very, very shady, unscrupulous, gum chewing in your ear, not speaking resolution to the problem. Got no emails after a while, they wouldn't help, RUDE and totally shady. Should be shut down. DON'T SUBSCRIBE !!!!



Cindy does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Dating Amputee

Dating Amputee - Don't waste your time


This site appears to be run in conjunction with a bunch of other sites and shares its database with them because many of the members are not amputees at all but are disabled in other ways.

Free to join and browse.

Must pay to actually contact anyone. Not enough actual amputees.

Dan does NOT recommend Dating Amputee to friends/family