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Biker Planet

Biker Planet - HORRIBLE and FRAUDDDDDD !!!!


Very, very shady, unscrupulous, gum chewing in your ear, not speaking resolution to the problem. Got no emails after a while, they wouldn't help, RUDE and totally shady. Should be shut down. DON'T SUBSCRIBE !!!!



Cindy does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

Dating Amputee

Dating Amputee - Don't waste your time


This site appears to be run in conjunction with a bunch of other sites and shares its database with them because many of the members are not amputees at all but are disabled in other ways.

Free to join and browse.

Must pay to actually contact anyone. Not enough actual amputees.

Dan does NOT recommend Dating Amputee to friends/family

BBW Desire

BBW Desire - this site is a joke


this site is a scam i don't recommend this site to anyone bad customer service they cant speak English

john does NOT recommend BBW Desire to friends/family - Nothing but fake profiles - total garbage website


Tons and tons of fake profiles. In the first day alone I had over 70 'messages' mostly from Ghana. After only one day of communication with a 'woman' she was asking me for airtime for her phone.
There may be real people hoping to meet other real people, but the profiles are so few and far between it's not worth your time or money.
Some warning signs to watch out for:
1. Incomplete profiles
2. All info is written in lower case letters including their name
3. English is not correct (even though they may claim to have a Master's
4. They almost immediately want to move the conversation to Yahoo messenger
5. They're looking for someone between the ages of 23 and 99 - even though they may only be 23 themselves
6. Only one photo shown and its a very attractive woman
7. They don't carry the conversation like somebody would if they were truly interested in you
8. They use a lot of words like 'my dear', 'my love' or 'the love of my life'
9. Unusual and inconsistent things in their profile
10. They are vague or fuzzy when you ask them specific questions

Use common sense. The 'lovely lady' you're speaking to is likely some dude sitting in an Internet cafe. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!


Pretty much all scammers.

Paul does NOT recommend to friends/family

Biker Planet

Biker Planet - Alone in a Dating Site


Alone in a dating site is a very lonely place. When I did an initial search, it showed 160 men, local, within my age range. I thought...great! I joined, went through all the "Rapid Response" profiles, where it shows you pics and you hit Like. Then the member gets a message saying you liked them.

I sent dozens of messages to men who supposedly had been online within the last 2 weeks. Short, thoughtful, complimentary messages showing that I had actually read their profile.

I received ZERO responses. I know that some people will receive messages and not respond, but online dating manners, which I find most people adhere to, is to at least send a "thanks for reading my profile" response. I am not unnattractive. I'm an articulate, well educated, high wage earning, petite blonde, 52 year old woman. And I was writing to men mostly in their 50's and 60's.

I've been on dating sites before and the usual effect is that you get deluged the first week, then responses taper off.

But to get NOTHING? I think they just keep your profile up there showing you are an active member, even though you moved away and got married 5 years ago.

I tried their online help. And asked if non paying members were able to read and respond to messages from paying members. ? No response and then disconnected. I wrote to the admin. No response. I put in a help desk request. never answered. I wrote in the forum. No response. Not even any "views". The chat room...empty. The place is dead.

They have really hot photos of models on bikes.

The place is dead. The actual active member list, especially paid active members, has got to be tiny.

Bodacious6 does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family - fake


There men on this site who are fake there have pic that is over 30 years old when you ask them when was pic taken there will tell you taken 2 years ago almost fainted when we met up for a coffee. .BE very careful ladies . Not sure if i can say his name. - For good sake, DON'T send any $$$


Hey everyone, I've been honest as can be in my research for a lover.

Now check this out...Im not a bad looking guy, hit the gym 3-5 times a week, full time job etc...

I never wanted to date a girl from one of those sites, but I ended up getting feelings for this girl. Skyping almost every day, after 2-3 months, we decide to take steps for a visit visa...I sended her a few bucks for the Acces canada fees.

After a few more steps like the letter of invitation, she kept me updated...

Suddenly, she has the visa du 3 months later...

An agent from acces canada calls me long distance to confirm.

Its sounds pretty amazing until now,

In total 6 months have passed, sended her a few more $ to help for the plane ticket...and then...NOTHING!

No more email, phone and skype connection.

Turned out that the so called agent is not!!!!

I called directly and they confirm this guy is not an Acces Canada worker!
Things dont work that way they explain...

Alright, all that to say Im just another sucker here!

Dont trust anyone from these sites! Im burned from

Ren does NOT recommend to friends/family