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Asian Datingsites has joined a great many Japanese singles with their matches from around the globe, making it a standout amongst the most trusted Japanese dating destinations. Whether you're searching for a date or the affection of your life, discover them in a fun and secure environment on...
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Zoosk is a heading web dating company that adapts as you click keeping in mind the end goal to match you with singles you're liable to be commonly pulled in to. 's Behavioral Matchmaking™ engineering is continually gaining from the activities of in excess of 27 million searchable...
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Muslim Datingsites has helped a large number of Muslim singles discover their match. As one of the heading Islamic marital destinations, we are one of the biggest and most trusted locales around. Very few different destinations can offer you a participation database of in excess of 5 million parts with...
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Adult Friendfinder

Adult FriendFinder is the world's largest adult sex and swingers site! You can find new hookups with the hottest singles and wildest couples. Whether you're looking for sex chat, nude webcams, swinger action, group sex or adult personals, you'll get it on Adult FriendFinder. Turn your wildest...
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Adult network for sexual desires and fantasies. Join free and connect with easy-going people who share your interests. Chat, date, share photos and videos on...
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BlackCrush is your personal online black girl hookup. Meet local black chicks online who want to get it on. It's easy to find a hot black chick looking for sex online at...
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Milfberry: Erotic Experience You’ll Never Forget

Sex is great. You can’t deny that, can you? However, there is something better than just a common sex – it is SEX WITH A MILF!

Milf is a mature, sexually attractive and horny woman. There is nothing more provocative, erotic, lush and turning on...
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Crush - Date, Flirt & Chat...
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Lonely Wife Hookup

Guys, we all know being married gets boring and every lonely wife seeks out a hook up for a secret affair or a one night stand. Here at we make it easy to find a hot wife for fun. Join for free, search and meet your wife lover...
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OurTime is a dating site that not just comprehends what it is to be in excess of 50, additionally commends this energizing section of our lives. At, we respect the flexibility, knowledge and gratefulness forever that just come with time. We additionally perceive that what...
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More reviews - Big Scam Never provide them with your Credit Card


I signed up with them and unfortunately provided them with my credit card to be charged for the first 3 months. The membership should have ended after 3 months but they continued to charge my credit card even after I emailed them 10 times asking to cancel membership and to stop charging my credit card. DONT EVER GO TO THEIR WEB SITE OR PROVIDE THEM WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BANK INFORMATION. You will never hear back from them and they don't have any phone numbers to contact. They only have email address which they never respond to it. I had to dispute the credit card charge and it will take 45 days to be refunded to me and I had to request a new credit card to stop them from continuing to charge it.

Marlo does NOT recommend to friends/family - is FAKE


I registered on this site with my photos but in 5 minutes they sent me information that my profile was deleted like a fake profile without reasons. For interest and knowing why it happened I had started to register again with the same username but they answered me that this username exists. I guess that my profile will be used with my photos but not I will talk..... I'm nature blonde and pretty attractive. It's a pity that internet life is lie the most of times. And now I have bad sensation that someone will talk to other people instead of me and lie them through my photos

I guess they use fake profiles

Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters - Regulation Required


This site appears to have a large number of fake profiles which contact you as soon as you register and then once you have joined disappear or have mundane conversations and never answer your questions if you pose any. They come back with a bland did you have a nice weekend mine was ok.
There maybe or probably are some real profiles but the 50:50 split is probably nearer 80:20 so you may get success but you have more chance in the pub and at least you will have had a good night out.
If you are under 40 you will stand a much better chance anyone over 50 I would suggest your chances of success are minimal.
There needs to be proper regulation of these sites. I have learnt my lesson and will not be rejoining!


Appears to be a large number of fake profiles
Very expensive
Wastes time you could be spending doing something productive.

Brian does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement - Be realistic, every one


First of all, I would say I'm sorry to all because my English sucks, I don't live in a English speaking country.
I'm 22, female, single, have a bachelor degree and a stable job. I come from a good family. I consider myself as pretty, hot (long legged, C-cup, super long long hair and I know how to dress). Everyday I have many guys try to pick me up, and a lot of them are older men. The reason I joined SA is simply that I'm extremely curious. I also have a freelance job as a writer for a cosmo magazine, so I decided to create a profile on SA to "investigate" a bit and have materials for my writing, and most of the info is real, except my eye colors and my height, in case someone recognize me in real life. I posted some pics of myself with not very clear face, just show my body (full clothes, of course). The 1st day, tons of mess came into my mailbox. Most of them claimed to be millionaires, some are married, some are divorced, and most of them are aboard. Some guys are dreamers who thought this site is a 18+ forum, they asked me to exchange nude pics. Lol, it was ridiculous. Some guys are business men, CEO in financial institutions. They are coming to my countries for business, then they inbox me to have some "dates" and always asked "what do you expect/ what is your financial expectation?". Well, I didn't come here for a real SD-SB relationship, so why not pretend? I told them I'm need 200$ for a date and after meeting up, I will decide if we could intimate. Few guys refused immediately, and a few accepted as they described me as gorgous. Then I decided to meet only one guy who seemed very nice and older than my dad (OMG, dad, I'm sorry, I know it's super weird to meet a stranger from the internet). He is a business man from LA. After having dinner together in a 5 star hotel, he gave me an envelop. I took it with a smile and said thank you. Then we left to go out for a walk because it was only 8pm. He hold my hand in public and we acted like a real couple. PPL stared at us, it was awkward. Then he said "You r really pretty and I like you alot. Do you want to spend the night with me?". Sorry all the SB who are reading, but at that moment, I felt I was very cheap. I don't judge you for what you did. But from my own feelings, I felt hurt, I felt it was simply a transaction. So I told him I never had sex on 1st date but I really enjoyed the meal, I also liked him and "if you feel it's such a waste of time, i will give you the envelop back". But he said I did not need to do that, we could meet tomorrow, then I went home. Yes, it was 500 USD for real. But he was like a rare diamond. You know, he's probably one of the few guys in SA who is that generous and nice. However, i didn't meet him again because I had to spend time with other guys for more material for my writing.
Second time, I met a local guy who is only 35. It was kind of risky, he did not send any photo, he claimed to be mega rich, he didn't say anything about himself except his name. Anyways, i felt he was an educated guy based on our conversation and then, we met in a luxury restaurant. He ordered a private room and when I came, the staff took me to the room. And when I came in, I was like what the fuck. He was on many magazines I had read. Yes and sure I knew him, he absolutely super rich and he was married, everyone know that. He is a decent looking guy, not handsome but he know how to dress. I pretend to not know him and we introduced ourselves. He was an arrogant guy and although he did not speak out, I knew he regarded me as a product. I was not mad, who could blame him, right? I just wanted him to express all of his rude, his real feelings for my material. There was no flirting, no emotion at all. We talked about our jobs, and as an educated woman, I was able to hold the conversation even when he talked about his business. He was kind of impressed and gradually showed more respect. I asked him about his experience on SA. And he told me, he had mistresses aboard who$ he met on SA, and some other girls flew from other countries to see him. Lol that was crazy, u know, some ppl were rich, they just did whatever they wanted while his wife never knew. I left the dinner after 2 hours talking. I told him I had something to do at home. He said he wanted to see me again, maybe this weekend. He never mentioned the finance because after talking to me and looking at me, he knew I was not depressed for money, i can make it by myself. He said "I know you want some adventure and I am absolutely good at it". The thing he never knew is that I had recorded the whole conversation and next month, we will have a shocking article about cheating from the internet and dating sites. Of course ppl will never know it was him. I just recorded the whole things in case they said i made up the story.
So hey girls, sugar daddies do exist. It is just your task to seek for the real sugar, not the salt. If you are truly beautiful, elegant, smart and upfront about your expectation, it would be possible. But the thing is short term, long term or just casual sex, you have to find the right guys who want to sponsor and mentor you, or just fooling around with sex.

Easy sign up, user friendly, many millionaires for real, free for female

Scammers every where and some only looking for one night stand

Bella does recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family


AnastasiaDate - Massive Fraud


This giant scam organisation defrauds all its customers. Girls are paid to chat & write letters by local ukrainian agencies. Any pay by letter dating site is almost certainly fraudulent


A giant scam.
Intrusive chat invites clutter the screen and interrupt browsing.
Anti scam policy is a fraud.

mark does NOT recommend AnastasiaDate to friends/family - False 3 Month Trial Period


I signed up for a 3 month trial membership, and upon completion of the trial Thaicupid charged my account for a 3 month subscription. I don't have any problems with the website, it's just not something I had used during the trial and I had no intention of continuing. I sent an email to the company asking for a refund, and they refused due to legal fine print. So I had the charges reversed through my bank. What a real pain in the butt!

Bad customer service
Overcharge members when they try to leave

Michael does NOT recommend to friends/family

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement - This is store front for online prostitution.


Many ugly and not attractive women on this site. Over 75% are career prostitutes which include all the college students. There are single mother that are full-time prostitutes from 18 to 50's on this site. I am surprise any one over 40 still working as a prostitute. The single mothers I heard all have loose pussies , so from giving birth to mostly bastard children. Since welfare is only available for a short time nowadays many of these women cannot depend on welfare like before the welfare reform days. They do prostitution to feed their bastard children. Most of them will tell you it is their first time being an online prostitute which is easy to claimed if they keep making new fake profiles on SeekingArrangement.Com and plus 3 other online prostitution websites that all belong to the same owner.

I am so disappointed with all Brandon Wade's fake dating websites. Some of these women are out of their mind wanting that much money????? They are only average looking women with tons of makeup. After the makeup comes off you see the real face = not worth the money...........................................
I met one lady that lied about her age. She claimed to be 10 years younger than her real age. She couldn't even pass for less than 5 years younger than her real age. I paid to have dinner with her and got her true name by seeing her driver's license. I finally found the right person with online people search, Beenverified. I found out her true age and she has long criminal history of shop lifting, prostitution, fraud , and shop lifting............................

To make this story short. 8 out of 10 women I met on this site has criminal records.................. You men had to be careful who you are dating...............
The next date was at my place and stole my check book and used to purchase stuff online. She didn't know my billing address which is not my condo address, so that 4K she tried to steal from me didn't work. She tried to ship the items to a vacant house from what I found out...................................

None. A big waste of money.

You meet mostly sleezy, low class, uneducated women, and average looking women with tons of makeup........................... Most are career prostitutes having sex with as many men as they can hook on sugar daddy websites.
Yuk!! I am so embarrassed I didn't know I dated so many prostitutes out in my community.

Most of these women = prostitutes think they got their men hook, but the truth is they are prostitutes and prostitutes are replaceable easily.................

It is sick that teachers are coming on to these sugar daddy websites to make ends meet. I am a single man and would never date a married woman out, but there are married women that are sugar whores on this website.

I also met a below average Asian lady that looks at herself all the time in the mirror , in the windows' reflection, and takes picture of herself with a selfie stick non stop. After her makeup came off I wanted to run fast. She looked very old.
I couldn't believe what she was telling me. She mainly have sex with married old white men for money, then I realized she also lied about her age to me. She didn't look the age she claimed. She looks more like in her 40's than in her 30's . I had dated many Asian women before in college and I have an idea how they age. I am not saying she has wrinkles, but she definitely cannot pass for 30's

Steve does NOT recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family