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Facebook dating apps provide you more opportunities when it comes to dating and using Facebook. Dating applications that can be used through Facebook are very handy these days, because almost everyone is a Facebook member. Finding matches in your area on Facebook is now easy thanks to Facebook dating apps!
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Reviews about Frimper


Frimper, A Video Speed-Dating App For Facebook
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Reviews about Girls Date For Free Facebook App

Girls Date For Free Facebook App

Girls Date For Free Facebook App
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Reviews about Hinge


The Hinge application uses Facebook friends-of-friends as a source of potential dates through a game-like interface.

Every day at noon, Hinge users — who sign up using their Facebook accounts — receive a batch of 25 profiles of potential matches collected from a pool of their friends’ friends.

Users rank the profiles (which show a name, picture, and any publicly available information from Facebook) on a scale from 1 to 5. If two people rank each other at 4 or 5, Hinge sends a “match” introduction to both.
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