Websites about friendship are meant for people who are not especially looking for love or romance in the first place, but just want to make new friends en get to know new people. Friendship websites are also very useful when you're traveling to another country or state and would like to get in contact with some people living there beforehand.
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Reviews about is the premiere people finder service aimed at helping people search, find, and forever keep in touch with the people they care about.
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GradFinder reconnects you with your school and college friends.

Over 3 Million members and growing!
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Meet your neighbors in the global village.

The network for people who like to meet new friends, travel, learn languages, and explore.

Use your network of friends to:
- Meet new friends, anywhere in the world
- Exchange languages with friends' friends
- Get travel tips from people you trust
- Couch surf, find penpals, teach overseas?
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