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As a member of for the last several months, I can say that I have met very nice women from the site, and a couple of terrible scammers.

If you're a guy and see profiles of women in Las Vegas who "go everywhere with my girlfriend" or "work in vegas as an entertainer" please BEWARE. There are several women on the site who are strippers at a well known club, who make money on the side by ripping off dates. If you reimburse them for a missed nights work at the club, they will do a disappearing act on you before the party really begins.

The Keep It SImple philosophy prevails on this site, and it is easy to navigate. Profiles are easy to read, and I appreciate a format that isn't busy looking.

Even in the advanced search you cannot search within miles of a zip code, or, by city. The narrowest search is by State.

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