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ChristianMingle - I have mixed feelings towards CM


I used Christianmingle for about 8 months, and although I have found many respectable men on here, I have been unsuccessful in finding the "one" for me. Many of the men that actually wanted to date me were very much older than my age (like....25-30 or more years older; I've had a 75-year-old man ask me out on a date. No offense, but as a young girl its kind of a shock when that happens), and the ones that were around my age (which I would say up to 5 yrs difference-always older) were more "strange," as Noor above pointed out (I don't want to fully explain the details but...all I can say is that their motives were similar to that of non-Christian sites). But although I have had bad experiences, I have heard of many other people who have had good experiences on this site. All in all, I think Christianmingle is somewhat of a safe site (in the sense that many of the people ARE in fact telling the truth about themselves in most cases), but then again its vital to take precaution in all dating sites.

Christian theme
in most cases, tells truth about themselves
safe (in my opinion), in the sense that the staff checks whatever is posted on the site

Older men tend to try and flirt with younger women (happens on most sites from what I hear though)
"strange" motives of the men (also what happens on most other sites)

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