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I've looked at this site and its sister sites. Yes there are way too many fake profiles. There may be some actual users but they are few and far between. The owners of the site in the terms and conditions claim copyright on your photos and even admit to using them to create profiles on their other sites. Also the prices are too high. Yes you can join for free, but then you can't do jack shit.

At least on other sites like Plenty of Fish you can actually use the site for free. And there are actual people on there.



Gilbert does NOT recommend to friends/family - Complete Scam


I think there are probably a few genuine people on the site. But plenty of fake profiles too. Also note:
- A lot of the profiles are old, people haven't logged in for ages
- You can't do anything without handing over a lot of cash, there are better / cheaper alternatives
- You can't browse without signing up
- They reuse profiles from their massive network of dating sites
- Steal and reuse your data

Conclusion the site is run by greedy scamming aussies. Don't waste your time.

Maybe a few genuine profiles.

Lots of old and fake profiles. Not too many genuine active users. The site just plain sucks.

Gilbert does NOT recommend to friends/family

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Date: November 30, 2011

By: Gilbert

Comment on: Japancupid is OK

Hang on, so you are saying you used the site two years ago? Ummm things may have changed since then. Also not many people are stupid enough to correspond with woman in Tokyo for example if they aren't in Tokyo ?!

Date: November 24, 2011

By: Gilbert

Comment on: find a good future husband to be..

BS and fake review

Date: November 24, 2011

By: Gilbert

Comment on: is Genuine

Go away Harumi, if that is even your real name. Shouldn't you be busy sending out fake e-mails on the site? Since you work there you aren't an objective rater. So just f*** off.