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Muslim Matrimonial Network - I loved this website!


I loved this website. It was really one of the first if not the first websites ever to exist for Muslim Matrimonials. It was sold to and when it shut down it really was a sad day. I lost so many women friends on there that I will never have connection to again.

This site should be deleted from the list as it no longer in business. - Regarding


Review: is owned and operated by ECom Holdings, Inc which is an investment company. Muslima bought out Muslim Matrimonials Network which at that time was really the only useful matrimonials. It was a sad day when the transfer happened, as a user I lost so many contacts/girlfriends I used to contact there. was not the same as MMN as it was referred to. can and does work but it is not the fault of the website as much as the people who join who have half witted intention. All Muslim themed Matrimonials slide down a slippery slope when its members are not the best in their religion. When a non-Muslim tries to run a Muslim themed site they miss out on a lot of critical needs the Muslims have. has a lot of fake profiles as did MMN but why? Why do webmasters feel that urge to blast they have thousands or millions of users and maybe only have 500? This is outright dishonest. And thats is what the Muslims see and they become discouraged.

It joins Muslims where as it can be hard to meet so many Muslims.

It is not run via Islamic way.

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Date: December 3, 2011

By: Habibi Matrimonials

Comment on: is NOT a good website!

I have been on Muslima in years past but it must have gotton really bad since then, but all of your comments are making me be really firm in my resolution to really try my very very best to not let that happen, heck one user complains of spamming and I delete their profile right away. no questions asked. You wont be able to brag you have 1 million if you care to do it the right way. Anyone can generate fake profiles and allow scammers to come in like a revolving door but the Admin who says no to this crap is at me!

Date: November 10, 2011

By: Habibi Matrimonials

Comment on: Miss STILL

Assalamu Alaikum. You have to keep in mind that is NOT owned by Muslims rather ECOM HOLDINGs INC. which is an Investment Company. This is why I always state that it is important the owner of any Muslim themed Matrimonials website have the insight into what is halal and haram otherwise what is the difference between a dating website and a so called "Muslim Matrimonials"? It is the intention of the webmaster to not fool people into joining based on fake number of profiles. It is the duty of the Muslim webmaster to delete all scammers and spammers and players. When a profile has access to a SCAM button this allow the Admin to know that the said profile is no good for the purpose of those who sign up for the sake of marriage.
Muslima is not a horrible website, you can find your spouse using this portal but you have to be super strong in your deen to fight the ways of the shaton. You know we are all weak. It is the duty of the webmaster to control so much of the interests of the Muslims and IF they do not do this, then one has to seek alternatives. I know Walis are an important resource, and we have Imams, parents, and single themselves. I have personally e-mailed hundreds of Imams to join to help represent the Muslims in their area but few have joined and I have to say unless the community is ready to step up and help the single Muslims then your fate will end up where you least like to be.

If you do not like a site because of the complaints said above, the join a site where there are 100% real profiles, like Habibi Matrimonials! Google our name.