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This is insane and I don't believe any of it! I have been and presently am a gold member for more than 2 months. I am above average looking and followed all the rules in this guide and here are my results.
Initiated Contact 300+ messages
Replies Received 150+ messages
Total Dates 0
Total Hook Ups 0

I'm an above average looking guy and followed all the rules to this guide and the majority if not all of the girls I talked to were beyond a doubt only interested in leading me on and anytime I would ask them to chat or if they would be interested in meeting the messages stopped for a week or so and then they would write me to continue giving me hope and ask some off topic question. They would never answer any question I asked that pertained to any value in progressing in getting acquainted. I talked to several girls for a couple weeks and finally we agreed to meet and they never showed up and never messaged me again and they continued to be online everyday after. I finally decided to paste a chat link in messages to girls I had been talking with who were only messaging me once a week with a sentence or two in them but when I sent out only 6 messages with the chat link immediately someone had used it asking who I was. The IM client I used told me their location and IP address which was from Canada. All the girls I messaged supposedly live locally in my area which is Phoenix Arizona. SO THIS REVIEW IS BULLSHIT OR THINGS HAVE CHANGED CONSIDERABLY FROM THEN TILL NOW. I HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY RIPPED OF BY THIS WEBSITE AND DON'T BELIEVE PEOPLE GET LAID FROM USING IT AND THAT IT IS LOADED WITH SKANKS LOOKING FOR ONE NIGHT STANDS.



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