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C-Date - C-Date Not What You Want


C-Date is such an obvious put-up for a scam, it's a disgrace that any so-called review sites give it any credit at all.

I received a variety of solicited and unsolicited responses from the 'girls', all of which I deemed to be not-genuine. The text was impersonal standardised gibberish, and those that were responses made no reference to the email that they were allegedly a response to. The average attractiveness of the women was also suspiciously high.

The real gotcha comes when it comes to cancel. You need to fax them a signed letter detailing your cancellation. This is obviously unnecessarily difficult and smacks of a scam.

Avoid at all costs.


No genuine female users;
Bots or cheap labour create emails and responses;
Unnecessarily difficult cancellation procedure.

Zak105 does NOT recommend C-Date to friends/family

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