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It's always nice to see an offer come in from a sweet and attractive gentleman. Winks are a waste of time because most of the guys that wink don't have money to even accept an offer.

Look at profiles that have " premium member" which makes sure that you're accepting an offer from someone that has taken the time to purchase credits. If you get offers from someone that hasn't, be prepared for your acceptance to sit there indefinitely.

There are many creeps on this site primarily ones with fake pictures 20 years old that are just looking to pay for sex. Try to avoid any men pushing 50 because they all offer great first date amounts (usually) but they tend to try and ask you to "come over" for the date. They waste credits because once they realize you're a normal girl and not one that is open to getting paid for sex, they stop responding to your messages for the date.

Stick with the younger guys, not only will you have more in common with them but they are not pushy like the older men are. Plus they have some great plans for dates that are so much fun!

Guys 43 and below are happy to take you out on a nice date and enjoy your company.

Guys 48 and over are there for prostitutes so don't accept offers from them.

Don't give out email because they use you as their pen pal and don't want to go out on a date or want you to forget it's a paid dating site. These types also push for sex or may ditch you on paying for the date because they can't get sex. You may even here " i'll pay you after you do **** with me". So it's wasted time with someone that you barely have anything in common with and you may view as a walking pedophile. Avoid at all costs.

I feel bad lumping all older men into this bunch but apparently before this site existed older men generally had to see hookers if they wanted to date someone out of their age range. Sadly they don't view this as an opportunity to show younger normal women their respectful decent sides.

1.Don't into cars with strangers
2.Let someone know where you will be at all times
3.Have 911 on speed dial if you feel you've met someone dangerous.
Don't let him walk you to your car, you may never make it to your driver's seat alive.
4.Don't believe the ages and pictures on the site, many guys that are older lie by about 10-20 years to get you to accept a lower offer and meet them.
5.Be wary of anyone that wants you to email off the site or call them. It's smart to provide a contact number but unnecessary discussions can prove to waste your time talking to someone that has no plans to take you out on a date.

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Date: May 25, 2012

By: lana

Comment on: hold on a minute..

"However, if you expect me to pay her bills, tuition, rent, shopping etc that's not going to happen "

Lol then you're not a Sugar Daddy . The very thing you said you don't want to pay for is the only real reason the girls are there. You really need to go to Plenty of fish or match but not a sugar daddy site. You don't have the financial means to take care of someone else which is what the women on this site want.

Date: May 25, 2012

By: lana

Comment on: Beware of the guys that are looking for prostitutes

Agree. I just had another guy do the same thing today. Wanted to meet then keeps dragging out the conversation on the site and asking 3 times over for me to call him. He even wrote something sexual about the first date so I will not be meeting him. Claims he's divorced but who really travels to the other side of the state with a child at home? Yes he's probably married looking to cheat away from home. Looks like I have to block this guy now.

Date: May 25, 2012

By: lana

Comment on: Fake Profiles just to get you to buy Credits

You don't need email because the site has email built in. If you start asking for email off the site , girls will stop responding to you and you'll just end up in the spam folder like any other email. Talk to them on the site.
Out of state phone numbers I can only assume is because if you're a time waster, loser or just using the girls as a long term phone friend they want to cut you off and move on to someone that's serious.

You don't need phone or email on this site. Just set up the date there and take her out. It so simple that if someone needs tons of conversation before a date and tons of emailing off the site , then they are usually not able to afford a nice date or they want to email to discuss sexual services or ask for naked pictures. That's been my experience so far with the guy that throws his email in the first message or gives me his number. I now no longer do it. I just avoid the question over and over again even after he puts his number in the message for the 9th time.

Take them out and they may give you their number after meeting you in person.

One creeper still sends me random text messages today even though I never went out on a date with him.