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SugarBaby4U - bad business


I recently ran across this site, and liked what I read. it stated in the beginning
that there was no charge for sugar babies to use the site, so I said ok i will give it a try. I signed up as a free member. I received an email the next day. but I also noticed that right beside the email it was asking me to upgrade to a VIP membership to read the email. I checked out the prices it said a 12 month membership for $10.99 so I agreed to the 10.99, AFTER PAYING THE PRICE
I RECEIVED AN EMAIL TELLING ME THAT MY CREDIT CARD WAS DEBITED FOR $134.96 NOT THE $10.99 I HAD GAVE PERMISSION FOR THEM TO TAKE. I was livid. I wrote an email to them requesting a cancellation of my account and a refund of my money. I have not gotten a response yet, not only that I have a VIP status that they charged me for but I still can't read any emails that are sent to me, I have a box full of emails but
the system now wants me to upgrade to a diamond status to read the emails that I have already paid for. DO NOT SI


LIARS, WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY, WILL NOT RESPOND BACK TO CUSTOMERS. I was able to retrieve a number for this company from
my bank. I called the number, it gave a busy signal every time I called.
I traced the number to a personal cell phone, and that was all I was able to find out. I was taken by a fake website, so I hope that this helps some one else from
becoming a victim.

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