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I used this site for 1 year and payed for Gold membership. And met several girls through the site. It works like this; if you pay you can contact anyone, and any member can read your messages and write you, because standard members can contact paying members. That is good unlike other dating sites where you pay, but if the ones you are interested in they can't read your mail or write you back unless they pay first. With Japan Cupid this problem doesn't occur.

I met my wife through this site and before that several other girls that I met and dated. Two in Europe and 4 during one of my trips to Japan. Some of them are still friends. As most girls live in Japan at this site, it is almost necessary to vist Japan to meet most of them. There are some fake profiles, but that is perhaps 1 percent. Remember that Japanese need a delicate approach in order to get a reply!

- When you pay, your messages can be read and replied by none paying members. For a year it costs 10, - a month for, not to expensive for a good site and you can unlimited contact other members.

- Many members.

- Easy search at the site.

Didn't experience any.

Mr. X does recommend to friends/family

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