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ChristianMingle - It Takes Two Paid Memberships to Connect One Coupl


I found ChristianMingle to hide the bottom line about costs and process until the person is signed up and has built a profile. They do not reveal their process up front, but as a Christian, I see this as divisive. I had to send multiple e-mails to support to get answers to my questions and they take many, many days to reply.

First, I discovered that both parties must have 'paid' subscriptions in order to exchange information. Second, I found that nowhere on a profile does it indicate whether a person is a paid member or not; so itís a guessing game. For example, if I want to converse with Jane Doe, I have to pay for a membership and then send an e-mail. Okay, thatís fine; I have no problem with that. If Jane Doe is a paid member, she can read my message. However, if she is not a paid member, then Jane Doe must also pay to be a member just to read my message. Therefore, ChristianMingle is getting paid double to connect me to one person. Therefore, what am I paying for exactly? Paying to have an e-mail sent into a holding status? There's not much incentive here. I have a problem with double dipping; especially when a month subscription is as much as other dating websites, but remember, there must be two paid memberships to connect one couple togetheróbut not the case with other dating websites.

A great way to read the profiles of other Christians and find out what they say about their relationship with God; after all, the word 'Christian' these days is a vague term.

They are not upfront about their fees and processes.
It takes two paid memberships to connect one couple together.
Their monthly subscription rate is high considering they require two memberships to connect one couple together.

James does NOT recommend ChristianMingle to friends/family

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