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Others have talked about the quality of the people on this site. Lots of weird people here? Absolutely! I will tell you a little bit about the site itself. This site recently got a facelift. Unfortunately it looks like the facelift was done by one of those cheap Persian doctors with no plastic surgery experience!! You know what I mean! I am sure you have seen all those Persian nose jobs that look like someone is pinching the nose, not to mention the nostrils you can see all the way!!
The site was probably purchased by a larger company. The quality dropped drastically. I am not sure the people behind it are even Persian any more. The site is often down. Images do not load; or they are cutoff. Links do not work. Evidently, they could not care less. Searching is frustrating. The site’s design is not user-friendly at all. Customer service is a big zero.
Online dating is big these days. However, for the Persian community in the US, there is nothing that is worthwhile. Hopefully someone will come up with something with a little more substance to it.

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