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I cannot believe all of the bad reviews! I have had 90% great experiences so far. I have had great dates with gorgeous women from 25-35. I look young for my age which helps, but you either have game or you do not... I only go for the most beautiful women on the site. This is the best site ever! Many of these guys complaining are obviously not very good looking or have no charm with picking or being with women. Yes, it is expensive to date these women (the hot ones), but who cares?!! Its worth it! I have 2 women right now that are relationship material. Time will tell... until then, I am having the time of my life...
blows away all other dating sites!! If you can afford it , then man up and do it... if not , stay away little boys....

Dates with gorgeous women that you would rarely get otherwise
The women are mostly looking for successful guys that have $$ and game

Pricey dates to land the hot ones
Sometimes distances are great between dates

Brad does recommend to friends/family

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Date: March 5, 2013

By: Brad

Comment on: My experience on this site

Are you kidding? POF is for losers with no $$ or game! Please... I have dated tons of hot women on WYP.... you need to get a clue my friend.... 90% fake?? nonsense!! 90% real! Only 20% hot, however.... only date the hotties!

Date: March 5, 2013

By: Brad

Comment on: FAKE

Nonsense! Maybe in Houston they are fake, but not in SoCal... been on over 10 dates with gorgeous women... worth it... You have to only date the hotties.. assuming Houston has any....