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If you really are what the website asks you to be (a generous man) and you have realistic expectations and reasonable social skills and good personal grooming habits, you will have a really fine time with this website and meet some nice women. Contrary to what some other reviewers have said, the women and the profiles are actually real. Expect a third of them to accept a date and not answer, and another third will probably flake out before meeting you, especially if your offer isn't that large or if you wait too long to act. But if you select carefully, you will probably have a great time. It's true that some women are flakes, but many men are assholes. Don't be one of them! You just make things worse for those (like me) who really are sincere.

Can you read? Do you have good skills reading body language? It's easy to tell what women want. If her pictures emphasize her boobs that says one thing. If she wear glasses and talks about her English degree in her profile, that says another thing. Set your standards and goals, and find an appropriate date for you. Remember that the 18-year-old does not want to meet you for the same reasons as the 35-year-old single mom with three children. Use good sense and you can have a great time on this website.

Paying for a date sounds tacky, but it improves the odds for you as a male. You will find that you can meet real women who are much younger, more attractive, and smarter than you would ever meet at most other websites, even other sites that are devoted to Sugar Daddy relationships. The commission that WYP takes is small (5-10%, depending on the membership level you choose). Of course, many of those dates do not end up happening, but the cost is small. One $250 membership and I have had a lot of dates.

I've been on this website for a few months. I've noticed that most women join and are active only briefly. My guess is that most of the men don't live up to their expectations. So stop complaining. Focus on being a good man, or at least the best man that you can be, and you'll find good women. Good luck.

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Date: March 31, 2013

By: W.T.

Comment on: Beware of the guys that are looking for prostitutes

Bree, I'm sure your comments are based on real experience. But there are men who are my age and older who are nice, and believe it or not, there are young women who like them too.

But I am really directing my comments here to the men. If you (men) want to pay for sex, why are you wasting your time in the United States. In the USA, prostitution is cheap and tawdry and the women are either drug addicts or expensive escorts. Don't use WYP as a place to find prostitution. You are just ruining the site for those who want a real date.

Date: March 31, 2013

By: W.T.

Comment on: My experience on this site

Peter, I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience. The commission that WYP makes is only 5-10% based on the membership level you choose. I recommend that you also pay to be a verified member (to have a criminal background check, since you have nothing to hide). The profile pictures are hardly professional ... they are mostly crude, self-shot, cell phone photos. The women are all ages and sizes and races. They are real. Set realistic expectations for yourself, and be the generous man too. Most of these women make less than $40K a year, and many of them support children.