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Seeking Arrangement - cheap old guys waste of time


Full of cheap ugly old guys, collected photos and skype details of girls to boost their ego.

Some guys their are charmless and lonely and want a wife a trophy wife but they dont have the funds or chatm to get it.

A lot of guys want sex chat or to meet for sex in a hotel.

Lot of guys want you to travel to them, with no allowance so thry expect you to take time off work to visit them

I have always dated hardworking guys who have suported me with money and emotionally and they were very charming guy just normal working class guys.

But guys on this site are meant to be millionaires or very rich and they are hunting for a bargain price with sex with a young girl.

Waste of time girls, safe yourself for someone who will give you his best, not crumbs

No pros just a unless site was there for a month and wasted time talking to fakes and cheap guys looking for sex

Better off dating a guy your attracted to for love and he will do hus best for you, might not be rich but you will be safe and happy

Full of creepy guys oooking for cheap sex but they want a playboy model

A lot if them are uninteresting and charmless

I think they joined because they can not find anyone to be with them unless they paid.

Its a great concept but not run correctly, guys should have to verify their income and less than 1000s a month should not be an allowance option

lily does NOT recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family - waste of money and time


Its full of old guys or unattractive young guys with a list if every thing they want. Totally charmless guys disappointed I paid money I pay one month membership but closed my account after one week. Guys are very old unattractive and rude as with most sugar sites they want something for nothing. A lot of guys have in their profile I am not a sugar daddy I am just an older man who wants nsa with a girl 30 or 20 years younger than me.
Like why would any girl want that?

Laid out of the site is bad and customer service is bad

Waste of money


Waste of money

No sugar daddies just old guys wanting girls half there age to travel to them to give them nsa sex for free.

kitty does NOT recommend to friends/family - whatsyourprice- waste of time


I joined for 2 weeks but just got 100s of messages from guys mostly old and gross or young and nerdy and unattractive looking for nsa sex for the price of a dinner.
It was shocking and sad to see men like this exist in the world.

Luke I am sure they have a sister or mother they would not want treated badlyso why treat other girls in tbis manner

I joined because I though its a fun concept, but then I realised its not fun just lots of disgusting emails from losers thinking they are rich and entitled to sex from a nice girl without be charming.

Site is just for losers
Guys who can't get dates the normal way with charm

None would never join again

Full of slimey creeps looking for nsa sex for the price of a dinner, really insulting and disgusting, total waste of time

kitty does NOT recommend to friends/family

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