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BeNaughty - Scammed


I used to enjoy dating sites because I used to like hunting scammers. i.e. most of the scammers come from Ghana or Nigeria who used pics of porn stars to get your interest. I got so damned good at unearthing them that I could tell within the first sentence if they where scammers. I would pretend to be love struck and would promise to send them money. When they gave me Post office box details I would Google earth the country and say that I had mistakenly sent money by Western Union to a Post office 25miles from there location. I would also supply them with a bogus receipt number and sit back and wait for their reply with a grin. A couple of days or so later I would get a reply that the $1000 that I sent was not there, but I assured them I had sent it. Yet another day or so later same frantic appeal from them....I would send them on this wild goose chase just to see how many times the greedy dumb asses would travel all this distance for nothing. I did this hundreds of times to different people as revenge for all the men that they had conned money out of. I was having such a fun time doing this that I didn't see the Dating site scam which was Scamming sites praying on the members. I agree with a lot of the comments that there is a lot of people trying to contact you until you pay your full membership, then nothing. Benaughty, Flirt etc are a big con and most of the messages are from bots. These sites need to be investigated. I particularly liked the comment made by one man who when on one of these sites with a bogus profile and a made up place of origin and received a reply from woman who lived there. Stupid bots can't tell the difference between a genuine City and Country and a shit one. "Don't join these sites". If you want to look for a date go to your local pub and if you don't find anyone there at least you can get pissed. Money better spent than wasting on these money grabbing bastards.



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