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I have always loved Japan more than any Asian country and have always wanted to date a girl from there. I join, create my profile, describing myself and everything I love about Japan. I upload photos and send TONS of messages. If I'm lucky, maybe......2 out of every 20 girls I message say anything back. Only half of them even read my messages or view my profile! I have two theories here:
1. Japanese women are racist as F#@$ and will not talk to foreigners on any circumstances or just don't like me no matter how nice I am to them.
2. is a generic, corporate, money-grabbing site part of an entire scamming network with fake profiles and/or hired prostitutes who go after select men.

*Based on many other reviewers, my second theory sounds more accurate. I have heard too many good things about Japan to believe my first. Therefore I will moving to another Japanese dating site.


The site itself.

Carlton does NOT recommend to friends/family

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