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eLove - ELOVE is a SCAM!!!!!


I too felt pressured to buy into this matchmaking service. They gave me all kinds of false information to get me to buy. For example, I was told they were in desperate need of females in my age range because they had so many guys. I had one date right off the bat and had to wait several months for the second date. I signed up in 2011 and have only had 6/12 dates since that time. (currently Sept. 2013) Every date has been the complete opposite of me even though they are supposed to match me with people who have things in common with me. I haven't had a "normal" date yet. The last guy didn't even bother to return my phone calls to meet up. I can't even remember when my last date was. I just want to pay off this nightmare and forget it ever happened!!!!


All of it, but especially the cost.

Jenny does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

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