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Adult Friendfinder - Results vary by location


I have been on and off AFF with the same profile for almost 9 years and lived in several different places during that time.
I have found that as a guy if you are in your in your early 20s most people just wont bother with you at all.

Location 1 was a small town, on an island. It was so bad that I knew some of the people with face pics. Very few people on. Never met anyone but got some practice chatting and emailing.
Also being a new profile attracts all the spammers and scammers. If you have been on for a few years they will just leave you alone.
A paid membership will do no good here.

Location 2 was a medium size population center, costal area with multiple collages. It was the Hampton, newportnews Norfolk area in Virginia. In my early to mid 20s not much went on. Then about the time I hit 25-26 lets just say I got busy and I didn't even have a paid membership. I would get a silver membership (which I don't think is offered any more) for a few months, email lots of people and establish some contacts. Let my membership expire and keep the contacts till they went their own way.
Over 5 years, on and off with AFF I met a lot of women. I would say around 15 to 20, about half of those were one time hookup other half were reoccurring to some degree.
Had I been willing to drive to Virginia beach more often or had I lived there I would have f-ed my brains out and died every weekend during vacation season. The only way to describe VAbeach is when its busy its an orgy.
I miss the Virginia's 7 cities area.

Location 3 was a small texas city, only being there for a couple months turned out to be pretty good. Better than I expected.
Places like this you will need a paid member ship.

Location 4 was a medium size island, different island than location 1.
Problem there was I didn't have internet for a while. Men just out numbered women by a lot. Still managed to meet 3 people over 5 months, one was just a meeting, second was a hookup and third one was reoccurring fwb.
Swinging couples were really big there, if you went some where like that as a couple you would see a ton of action. Its was the only costal tropical area that didn't have a lot of action, I think because the M to F imbalance.
Paid membership helps a lot.

Location 5 is god forsaken dusty sheit hole, deep red state ultra conservative town. I knew the sex scene looked very bleak before I moved here.
But to my surprise I had a little luck when I first moved here. Had 2 meetings right away one went great and got an awesome fwb.
Then after that there was nothing, had 1 meeting and it produced a more off than on fwb and that's it over the last year or so.
The only person I can get with on a regular basis is a hot MILF that to have to drive 100 miles each way for.
A paid membership and small reliable car that gets lots of MPGs and being prepared to drive ways is your best bet.

Location 6 is my temporary work location. A small to medium size city in Newmexico. Started looking about a month before I started working there and found 1 fwb that is always glad to have me. Have not bothered to look any more after I found her.
Can not recall if I had a paid membership or not.

To recap:
Population centers are good.
Population + collage better.
Costal population centers with collages, absolutely insane.

If you live in a small town with lots of churches, expect to drive 100 miles to get some.

Spring and summer are much more active than winter and fall. That goes for everywhere, Spring fever does exist.

If you can use half way decent English, look okay, have an above average size cock and treat women with respect you will do well.
And above all just don't lie to them. Everyone else does, don't be every one else. If you are married and can only get away once or twice a week be honest. If you lie, they will likely figure it out and guaranteed they will not want anything to do with you.

You will die, from exhaustion from running around and F-ing too much if you live in Virginia beach.

If you live in a small town with a church on almost every street corner you are totally screwed and will only gets lots of offers from guys.

dan does recommend Adult Friendfinder to friends/family

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