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Neat concept but….only in a perfect world.

Thought I would try it out. Finding mostly 20somethings who ask for ridiculous sums of cash; ie $200, $300, $500???!!! Ladies give your head a shake. Also, I am highly suspicious of some profiles as they appear to be fake. Seems as if these profiles are set up to bait men into blowing credits because these girls disappear or never follow through 80% of the time. Be careful who you ‘wink’ at or who winks at you. Especially those profiles with glamour photos or claim to be models. If it’s to good to be true,,,,it probably is. Better to spend your online time and dollars elsewhere. Not recommended.

??? I'm thinking, I'm thinking

- a overlygenerous amount of fake female profiles found here
- ridiculous $ums are asked for dates (it's just a date - I'm not trying to purchase a small country here)
- majority of accepting females will flake out
- to many 20somethings (which explains the above) and not enough 40+ ladies
- I could go on but do wish to bore you any longer

Joseph does NOT recommend to friends/family

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