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Almost all of these sites are scams, and this one' s no exception. They bait and switch you into upgrading to a full paid membership and then that's when you get robbed. I was actually messaged on one of these sites by a woman claiming to be from a town that I already knew to be an abandoned interstate rest stop. Another was using the name of a town that was destroyed by a coal mine fire in the 1980's! They use fake profiles, and pictures stolen from porn websites. They use outside billing agencies to do their dirty work for them, and their non-existant customer service passes the ball to them and claims not to know anything. Go around and look at these sites and check out the addresses of them. Malta, Cypress, Antilles, Nigeria, Antigua. That's where your credit card information is going when you sign up. Good luck with that. It doesn't matter, because once they get your money, all the messages stop. Then they'll sign you up for other scam sites and charge your credit card for them. Steer clear of these sites because they're thieves. That's the nicest thing I can say about them.

Nice interface. Kind of like being robbed with a highly polished gun.

Hundreds of women constantly viewing your profile, but no one ever contacts you. Any messages or responses that you do get, don't coincide with the time of day. They'll tell you that they're 30 miles away and say "good morning" at 3pm, which means that the message is fake and being sent from a different time zone or country. You can also catch them by noting the backgrounds in the profiles. So-called "new and most recent" photos will have snow in the background in August. One, supposedly from California, had the Eiffel tower in the picture! How stupid do they think people are? It makes no difference because they already have your money. If you haven't got your running shoes on by now, what are you waiting for? If you haven't already joined, don't!

johncandy does NOT recommend to friends/family

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