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They disactivated my account and when I ask for help, they requested from me to send a my CREDIT CARD (front and back) and a copy of my ID.

Just sit down and think when they get a copy of my Credit Card (front and back) and a copy of my ID, imagine what will happen? They can clone my credit card and figure out the pin code.

They will use a program called Salami. This program just shoves away small amount of money which is difficult to detect, like frictional pennies or they can use my card the way they want since they have all my personal information.

I have no doubt that this website sells identities and credit cards to third parties. Sooner or later people will know that this website is run by a criminal group or they work with a criminal group.

"To do this, please email us a scanned copy of your credit card (front and back) or your card statement AND a copy of your government issued photo ID to [email protected]"

Good Algorithm.

Identity theft

Hassan does NOT recommend to friends/family - The adim is a scammer


I have upgraded my account to Gold on Muslima and as soon as I payed they suspend my account. Then I got a message saying that I have to send them my governmental ID and my real name.
This is a dating website and you don't know those people . I don't know also what they want to do with this personal information. I mailed them that I can't give them my personal information and requested a refund. I got no answer and I send again and again. They still ignored my messages. At last I contacted PayPal and told that I am dealing with real scammer and a need help. In two hours, I got a message from the adim saying that they will issue full refund.

My recommendations:

1- Don't use your real name just take a nickname
2- Pay with PayPal so you can make a case against them if they cancel or suspend your account
3- Don't write your exactly your date of birth just change the month or the day. You don't how your personal information will be used. You don't know these people

Well designed good features.

This website is a scam for certain reason:

1- Robot message: Before I finish my registration, I got contacts from standard members. You should know that the standard members can't see you unless you finish and they don't have that facility. This is a robot generated messages.

2- Payment: They recommend that you pay with your bankCard. If you don't have 3D security Card it is better to use Paypal. They don't like to use Paypal because it is easy to make a case against them on PayPal.

3 - Your email: I only created an email for them and after two weeks, I get Ads from other companies. This means that they sell members' emails to other companies.

4: Personal Information: If they have your personal information, you are under the mercy of Muslima admin. They are only missing little personal information about you. Let us say that they are honest. But if the website is hacked, your personal information and your bankCard details will be in Black Markets.

5- Online memebers: Some time I see 5000 members are online. This is a exaggerated number. Even the best websites of dating don't have this number.

At last, you can deal with this website but you should be in safe side.

Abdo does NOT recommend to friends/family

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Date: March 24, 2016

By: Wise

Comment on: The users on the site are dodgy and will scan you left right and centre.

I have upgraded my account on this website. They suspended my account now. I came here to find out if this website is for scammers. I got a message from them that they need a verification. They want me to give them detail of my bankCard. This is a part of the message (We must clearly see your name, the expiry date and the first 6 numbers and last 4 numbers on the front of your card. You may censor the middle digits on the front of the card and the CCV (the last 3 digits) on the back of the card for your protection. If sending your card statement we must clearly see the name and billing address, you may censor the transaction details.)
If you read, they want everything on my bank account. Be careful, this people are scammer. Now I will ask a refund of my money and I will write what they say.