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Review: goes at great lengths to carry out it's elaborate scam.... Basically I found a perfect match on there and she gave me her contact details to continue talking to her. Finding this match took many months of searching and paying them money. The frauds at then removed that message before I got a chance to take down the girls contact details. This girl told me she wanted to close her profile but wished to continue talking with me. After speaking with the most unhelpful and unsympathetic support rep. they rudely closed the phone in my face and refused to give me my messages back alleging that giving me access to MY messages again is a breach of their policy. This is how they treat their paying members. This is absolutely outrageous. It is a frustrating struggle to sift through the countless fake profiles to get someone who is genuinely interested in talking to you and when you finally do find someone they the put all blocks in place to prevent me talking to her. It's obvious that they want me to keep paying them to keep sending messages to their fake profiles rather than actually get a match. This is an obvious ploy to keep me subscribed to waste time with the countless fake profiles on their site (which probably created themselves).... HEED MY ADVICE AND AVOID THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS.

Nice search features... BUT see below

.... when you do search the results return 99% fake profiles

Also the vast majority of profiles are Moroccan/North African and Indonesian girls who cannot speak English. What's with that? Are they the only countries that are looking for marriage??? Seems suspicious to me.

Rude and unhelpful admin staff.

Insane privacy policy where they are totally against members exchanging personal contact details.

Hassan does NOT recommend to friends/family

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