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I joined the site. Before I added any pictures I got messages saying, You are cute etc. That was impossible. I didn't even add any pictures yet. Then I did add pictures and did a three month paid subscription for $69.99. I got no less than 8 cute ladies respond and much more interested hits in a few days. (You can click on interested if you don't have a paid subscription.)

I at first just assumed they were all bots. I wanted to find someone but just said what is $69.99 anyway? I spend more than that on dinner by myself sometimes.

I complained to them that everyone was writing me with the headline, "Hi, there." Why are you letting all these bots on your site? I never really expected much.

Well one of those "bots" told me that she was currently in my hometown. I asked her out skeptical cause her english was way too good for someone born in Japan. I told myself, I'm probly getting set up for some prank but I'll go to meet her and see if this is real.

Long story short, she was a real cutie. Great personality. I'm in love. I quit the site and we are going steady. This site is a great way to get introductions to beautiful Japanese woman or whomever (a few Chinese ladies did message me that I thought were scams because they were too long intros.)

This all feels surreal. Honestly!

Worked for me.

Even after this positive experience, I can say, there are bots. Why would ladies message me saying I'm cute without me even having a picture up yet. But keep positive because not all of them are bots.

You also need to understand, this is just for introductions. If you don't know how to talk to woman, don't have anything to offer them, than I'm pretty sure you are gonna strike out. These are quality woman here, not some picture bride I wanna get out of my country because I'm starving type of ladies.

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