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I signed up on over ten years ago (I'm still single by the way). I closed it for many years and then last year people in my social circle started talking about it as some of them met people on there so I checked it out again.

Of the guys I can remember speaking to:

1) After a few messages and me not being interested enough, but still curious, we met for coffee. The conversation was nice, but he was too old for me and I was not attracted to him in the least. Needless to say there were no further coffee dates.

2) Lied about living in Texas. Was actually based in Pakistan and later admitted to trying to get a visa into the US by marriage. I'm not American and I guess he developed feelings or a conscience so he told me the truth. He eventually disappeared off the site.

3) Was seeking friendship only, but after speaking to me for a while he developed feelings. Once he graduated from Uni a year later, he decided to cancel our meeting and moved in with his new girlfriend instead. (haha fantastic!)

4) Very nice and decent revert. By this time I was so jaded and many years older, I had little faith in this website. However, we spoke over the phone a few times and it was pleasant BUT sorry no attraction from my side. Cute guy but we were too different. I told him that I can't move forward with anything because we're not a good match. He accepted at first, but later became a bit needy, so I stopped communication.

5) (My favourite) He messaged me and we chatted for a few hours. He seemed decent and we spoke about our jobs, families and interests. Things were looking good as far as first chats go. I was pleased to find him online again two days later, but this time my "potential" was at work and a little less eager to chat. I don't check the site often so I gave him my number so he could get in touch. He agreed to contact me later that day, but two days later I log onto the site and guess what... his profile was deleted. What a shame! I really had hope this time around haha.

So this site has brought nothing but disappointment. But then again, perhaps it's the people who use it and not the site ;)

block who you want
you can see who views your profile

Desperate, dishonest people are in abundance.
Members are encouraged to send "mass interest" to dozens of profiles after logging in (without even viewing the profiles) and this gets annoying when you receive so many notifications.

Sara does NOT recommend to friends/family

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