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Biker Planet - They have the WORST customer service


I was a member of Biker Planet for over a year and had finally met someone on this site. Before we could exchange personal telephone numbers, BP closed my account, without my knowledge or without a reason. It seems someone in their fraud department decided my account was fraudulent and closed it. I was never contacted, notified, or questioned about any activity prior to this. Then they wouldn't reinstate it. I was told time and time again at there were no reasons given for the decision and there was nothing I could do. Stay away from this site. It sucks. They have no clue what customer service is and if it happened to me, it could happen to you. The worst experience I have ever had!!

Found someone after 15+ months as a member, but couldn't exchange telephone numbers with them

Worst customer service EVER
No help to fix accounts
All CS people are from overseas and hard to understand
Will close your account without notification and do not have to give a reason

cheryl ric does NOT recommend Biker Planet to friends/family

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