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Love Habibi - The real fake


Love habibi is number one fake dating websites.I think site builder make the profile and sell to the mail customer.Mail customer have to be paid and female customer is not paid.I use their website for 4 months and meet 350 fake girl.Very few girl is real.I can say all non beatiful girl is real.Most of the time girl doesn't have phone working, or giving you a number and try to talk with you on whats apps.After few days of artificial talking need some money.How to pay? I tunes card, gift card or other method.Scammer never talk with you or never be interested in vedio chat.
99.99 percent is scammer.Be aware of that.Scammer has hundreds of method to scam you.All is related to take money from you.So never give any cent to any method.Maximum account holder never reply msg.70 percent or more have no photo.Working for love habibi is complete waste of time and waste of money.

Scammer loot your money

Everything fake..

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