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I first joined Muslima in October 2014, as a paying member. Being a practicing Muslim from Australia, I was seriously looking for marriage, so I turned to this site with good intention and high hopes. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that Muslima is full of scammers and gold diggers from third world countries.

Beware of women from Morocco, I found most of them gold diggers looking for a better life in Western countries. I received hundreds of messages from young Moroccan women claiming they are serious about marriage. Shortly after exchanging contact numbers and following a few conversations on WhatsApp, they did not hesitate to ask for money. One of them from Casablanca claimed her mother was very sick and she had to take a loan from the bank to send her mother for treatment. As soon as I started questioning the validity of her claims, she blocked me on WhatsApp and disappeared from the Muslima website.

I met a Moroccan girl from Rabat who seemed very genuine and serious. I travelled all the way to Rabat to meet her and her parents, and to plan our marriage. When I reached there, there were no parents. She came to pick me at the airport with her friend and she took me to a two bedroom apartment. After staying with her for a week, she made me understand that I have to spend a fortune on the wedding due to some stupid Moroccan culture whereby she has to invite hundreds of relatives, with all costs borne by the future husband. I also found out that her ambitions were to do a Master degree course in Australia, and that she was looking for a good man to fund all this. It was not easy for me to get out of this relationship. She continued to harass me for a year, with constant threats that she will come to Australia to murder me.

The sad truth is that Muslima is well aware of these scammers, but somehow Muslima encourages this, as they are also part of the scam.

Muslima claims it has an office in Australia, however it is impossible to get hold of them. And they do not respond to emails. It is quite surprising that the authorities allow Muslima to continue in its scam.

Finally, there is no doubt that Muslima is part of a human trafficking ring.


1. Scam website
2. No customer service
3. No office in Australia
4. Site full of gold diggers and scammers

Salem does NOT recommend to friends/family

Comments written from this IP-address

Date: January 7, 2018

By: Salem

Comment on: Scam and a ripoff

I have sent numerous emails to [email protected] to report non-genuine profiles. Muslima has never ever responded to even a single message I sent.