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I'm in BDSM lifestyle since mostly 30 years and I subscribed to ten years ago, but it was not decisive : too few people on the chat and few french people except from Paris.
Two months ago, I subscribed for one month. I noticed that the site had become totally phony : fake profiles, fake pics, porn stars photos for most profile, fake online people. Is it due to the subscribers? Not at all.
I created with a sub of mine, and with a special IP, a woman's profile in Brittany the place I live in France : Diotima. When I connected to she was always "on line" While she was next to me, smiling. Others "online" subscribers from around were porn stars pics.
Most of all, some days ago, I found out that the administrators organized "Automatic renewal of the subscription", and stole me 69Ä while I believed my subscription ended.
It is possible that the acquisition by Ventnor in 2009 provoked this change but in anyway is mainly a site of phony profiles, hostesses, bots and swindlers.

Don't consider as a BDSM ...It is a phony site

Maqrol does NOT recommend to friends/family

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