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BeHappy2Day - Possible scam site


I can't say with absolute certainty it's a scam site, but I joined the site about a month ago. I completed all the questions & uploaded several pics. Within days I was communicating with a couple women who seemed nice & things were going well. 2 told me that they liked me & were only talking with me & wanted to meet me.

I was curious about how real things were, so I opened a second profile, but didn't include any of my pics. No other criteria but my age and city.

Within minutes, I had multiple chat requests, including both women who claimed they were only talking to me! I also received like 50 emails within the first few days from women wanting to get to know me.

Now mind you that I had no pics or any information on that account. Just my name & age, and all these women wanted to talk? It raises serious red flags to me.

While I'm sure there are legitimate real women looking to make a real world connection on the site, I would suggest great caution in dealing with them. Maybe try the same experiment that I did & see what happens.

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