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Tender Singles - Scam city


I'm not big on online dating but decided to try out one of the free sites and ended up clicking on tender singles. I've only been on the site for 7 days and I've had three different women attempt to steal my identity. One of them I started doing a little research on it and the picture was some extremely famous model that was in the Robin Thicke Good girl video. There is one woman that I met that I think might be real. She actually gave me her phone number and has not asked for a bunch of information but I could be totally wrong on this one too. Almost every girl on that site is a scam. I am 100% sure that the moderators had something to do with it because I never gave out my hangout address but to three people and now I've had up to 30 different people try to contact me on Hangout.


the girls are fake and if you're gullible you'll end up either losing a large amount of money or have your identity stolen

Thomas Ben does NOT recommend Tender Singles to friends/family

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