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Mylocalcrush - It is a scam, ok if you just want to see repost of


I purchased $35 worth of their credits to message back the messages I received I found interesting. after using about a 1/3 of them I could see there were no real individuals replying. Every reply I got was fairly short and asked more questions that needed more replies. I tried replying to the ones that sent the composed messages that cost nothing. I thought it might be real as they were avoiding spending money. Nope the same thing. Probably the one of the things I found that really gave it away> A gal that was supposedly located in Los Angeles posted pictures of her in front of several apartment buildings, I was familiar with. Oddly enough they are located in Chicago.

If you don't buy their credits and just want to have fun reading messages for a few days and seeing pictures taken off the web then ok. Just don't take it seriously and save your money.

Every thing that takes place there is not for real and is a total scam.

James does NOT recommend Mylocalcrush to friends/family

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