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Mylocalcrush - Worth it


I am 29 and hate dating because I just can’t seem to relate to men my age. I like this site because there was more of what I was looking for as far as sophistication goes. I always that bots were computer generated messages lol, seeing all these men bitch has got me so caught up on the online lingo lmao. I am for the record human... and in the LBC if any of you wants to exchange so info lemme know!

Eric <3

Older men who know what the hell they what! Perhaps I should say men and not boys, but I have come across a few of those on here no lie.

Men who talk to women like they are nothing more than a piece of ass and luck to talk to them.

Erica Love does recommend Mylocalcrush to friends/family

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Date: August 2, 2020

By: Jon Son

Comment on: Scam

I happen to have met several perplexed on this site so I lie ti and would encourage it. You get what you pay for, so go to POF if you want to be catfished lol.