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Sensual Agenda - Sensual but mostly waste of time


Girls are mostly good looking on the site and they all have good stories - some better than others of course - "met" one in particular who was very nice and fun to chat with and who was very good at erotic sexual imagery. But her stories seemed to "thin out" over a few days and her questions to seemed programmed after a while, as if she were following several screens at once- haha - but worth the $100 spent at $1.20 per message, just for the experience. Altogether, I'd do it again - once or maybe twice. Otherwise, rather watch Chaturbate, etc. for the real thing and DO read the "heart" icon next to the girls' age on their profiles - no physical contact possible - and that is about a guarantee. Covid is the current excuse for chat only, and each message bears a fee!

Fun experience with the right contact.

No meetups, but rational reasons given for why not? But you are unlikely ever to meet one of these women in person so be forewarned!

J Stod does recommend Sensual Agenda to friends/family

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