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Date: March 2, 2018

By: Will

Comment on: Many African Men on the site are SCAMMERS as well!!!! LOOSERS

This site has a very large percentage of people residing in Africa, Mostly Needy people looking for a way out.Out of their current to a better situation. There are few genuine people though.
They are a one percent portion that's extremely hard to find, (the needle in a haystack)
It's the same with the percentage of people from Europe and America. Plenty of gold diggers from all parts of Europe and America. Hoping for a life to ensure material gains. Here too a very small group of genuine ones.
The site is not for the faint of heart. Approach with caution.Trust no one. It's foolish to give money to someone you have never met.its foolish to fall in love based on kind words only from someone you have never met and spend a few hours a day on the phone talking to.

I stay on because i still have hope in humanity.
What do you expect when you go to a sleazy club?
Definitely not a polished chick!
In the famous words of Ludicras "you can't turn a ho into a housewife"