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Last updated: March 24, 2017
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This website doesn't exist anymore!

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URL: http://www.justhookup.com/

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Reviews: 5


To start the process of JustHookUp remove profile, go to My Account in the top right corner. Click Account Settings and go to Profile Settings. Here you’ll find the button to make your JustHookUp profile inactive. This is not a JustHookUp delete account button, but your profile won’t be visible to other members.


To get a JustHookUp free promo membership, you need to upload a profile photo. You don’t need a JustHookUp promo code, just upload a photo and you’ll have access to your JustHookUp free account. To get full access to all the features on the website, you’ll need a JustHookUp Gold Membership. The JustHookUp price for this membership is $2,61 per day for al JustHookUp trial for 3 days. For a Gold Membership for 18 months, you can pay JustHookUp $5,24 per month. Another possibility is to get a Silver Membership: the JustHookUp promo price for this is $6,55 per month for 1 year.


For JustHookUp contact, send an e-mail to [email protected]

JustHookUp reviews (5):

JustHookUp - Do not pay for this site


This site is loaded with "virtual cupids" who are not real. They will typically have beautiful pictures and profiles will indicate they are looking. They will even answer your messages. It becomes suspicious when messages from two or three girls say the same thing. You can identify "virtual cupids" as there is an obscure "VC" next to their profile name. It is actually in the box that allows you to report or block the person. There are some legit girls on this site but most don't respond to messages. Of those that do, they eventually send you to other sites where you can watch them perform on cam. First time is free then come the charges. Other's may contact you first. Most of those profiles say the girl is from some small town in the US. Could be anywhere. Turns out most are overseas and looking for their "soul mate" and "life's partner" and eventually they will propose you bring them over here. Had four or five from Ghana. Their English is usually the first clue that they aren't from the US. I have my doubts their profile picture is really them. They will start communicating with you via email outside this web site after first contact. Usually their first email includes more pictures. They will tell you they are God Fearing and Family oriented. Sex never enters into the conversation. If you attempt to discuss it, they will ignor it. None of these girls are "Verified". Recommendation - do not waste time communicating with the VC's and just be aware of issues with the others. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SITE. The VC's are there to suck you into paying for features that will not benefit you in finding what you are looking for.

Not many. Have been on this site for 6 months and nothing worthwhile has materialized.

There are some nice pictures to look at but you can look at those anywhere.

The site is pretty good about letting you know when someone has view you, sent you a wink, rated your picture, etc. but most of those turn out to be Virtual Cupids or chicks from Ghana.

Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of this site. It is long and a lot of legaleze but it will explain the Virtual Cupid use and other things about the site. Most don't read them but it covers them legally.

Just not a good site to justhookup on. Haven't hooked up with anyone in 6 months and until I figured out the Virtual Cupid thing, all looked pretty good.

Site lets you know who's online and who's not. Every Virtual Cupid in my area is "online all the time. None of the legit girls in my area are ever online. If you browse the "Online" tab, most the girls in there are legit but they are all over the country and most are looking for guys to cam for. If you find a legit girl online in your area or not, it is most likely she is looking to cam for you. If that's your thing, go for it. Personally, I would rather have actual physical contact with them than watch them on my computer monitor.

rtmcgee does NOT recommend JustHookUp to friends/family

JustHookUp - scam


smiles, No smiles on this site

There are to many hot chicks, I don't think they are from your area, I feel its a scam, after all they necer reply back to a message..

They say heaps of women in yout area, like fuck there is, more so there is hardly any women on the age of 40, more in Melbourne anyway, I think they are linked to another site or something but I am convienced it does't work....

Lee does NOT recommend JustHookUp to friends/family

JustHookUp - Scam


As someone said above, I think this is a scam. There are so many unexpected, robot-like actions from avg-hot girls that makes me to pay for a membership.

Just like a porn site with a full of pic that are linked to another ghetto websites.

All fake

SadMan does NOT recommend JustHookUp to friends/family

JustHookUp - OK, but not what expected



I'd give this website 4 out of 5.

It's OK for a dating site, i've used a few before and all seem the same. There are some Ok looking grils, but what I've learnt is to not try and message the really good looking girls on here, they must get so many messages from all the blokes, go for the average/below average women and you will be able to get sex.

Realistically, how many gorgeous girls are there in my area that jsut want to fuck? I've stuck with the normal looking ones and got some action, thats what id recommend to others.

- Lots of members
- good interaction
- blogs
- occasionally works

- not sure how real all women are
- a lot of average women

Mark James does recommend JustHookUp to friends/family

JustHookUp - Contact the FBI


I have filed a complaint with the FBI and Justice Department for cyber crimes regarding this site. These scammers should all go to jail for fraud. Everyone reading this post should file a complaint at FBI.gov This must stop. This is just pure "stealing" and fraud. The more of you that file a complaint with the FBI and the Justice Department, the better chance we have of putting these scammers out of business. This site works for these scammers and the bosses are raking in millions. They have gone International with this scam because it works so well. The profiles are 95% fake, maybe more. You will find the same girls living 50 miles from you no matter where you live. Even if you live in a town with 100 residents, you will find out there are 100 women who want to date you within minutes of your location. The profiles are totally fake. There will be no return messages to your Emails. JustHookUp will attempt to extract your money every step of the way. If only you spend more, you will get better results. NOT!!! Just try to get a refund! They really want your credit card info. Look for additional charges, monthly, even after your membership has expired.rnThere is absolutely no service provided to you. PLEASE Email the FBI!!!

Urlande does NOT recommend JustHookUp to friends/family

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