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3.5 stars, 1 Reviews

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AdultSpace - Good place to meet other people


Been here since 2009. There are alot of profiles where you dont know if the person is real or not, but they have this Verify feature that verifies members and it shows the other members that they have been verified. I like to meet other females and couples and this has helped me find real people. Just takes a lot of weeding to go through. I've met a few people and had fun. Im still friends with this one girl I hooked up with and hang out with her all the time. If you dont hook up you can always make a lasting friendship. lol I like to look at all the drama going on in the forums and chat room. I also like to waste time looking at all the videos the members upload of themselves having sex and masturbating. I waste alot of time here but its fun.

They verify real members (feature is optional too) You can make your profile private and photos private There's ALOT of members User friendly It's free to message people There's alot of features like forums, games, etc that are free to use The chat room is fun Site is assessable from your phone You can view alot of videos uploaded by members

You have to weed through men pretending to be women The men can be really desperate which is a real turn off The average IQ of most of the members is pretty low lol They dont have a mobile app

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