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Sex Dating

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Crush Next Door

Casual Dating   •   1 Review

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Crushnextdoor is a platform for adults, with thousands of members signing up every day! You can easily find the profile of your dreams by using our advanced search tools. Crushnextdoor has created a se

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Sex Dating   •   10 Reviews

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Yes, it's that simple. As a member of HotNeedyWomen you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the se

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Adult Datingsites   •   1 Review

MySecretNeighbors is the only website where ladies who want to explore their intimacy can feel themselves and chat online about their dirty secrets. Discover what is usually left behind closed doors and come play some online naughty games.Read more »
Flirt State

Casual Dating   •   3 Reviews

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Yes, it's that simple. As a member of FlirtState you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the searc

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Adult Friendfinder

Adult Datingsites   •   12 Reviews

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Pick Your Fling

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China Love Cupid

Asian Datingsites   •   1 Review

Find a partner today in far Oriental China with the best Chinese dating website available. You can access this website instantly and free, and find single Chinese women and men all over the world. Like many of the Cupid Media websites, the niche Read more »


    Waste of money?

    Review about Sensual Agenda

    If you want to just talk dirty to the women it’s expensive but if you’re actually looking for a connection for get it. If you leave a phone number it won’t make it. You receive *********! I was on another site and the same women were there and their message is identical! So this site is just a money grab or BS. Maybe the females on this site are not real or on the payroll.

    Not much. If you only want to exchange vulgar messages this is a good place.

    Can’t make a connection with anyone.


    Review about Sensual Agenda

    ALL these women want to do is talk, Talk, TALK, about sex! They "Talk the Talk" but when it comes time to "Walk the Walk" there are more than a dozen different reasons why they want to Talk More because they "need to know You better, first!" THEN, when you drop them to try with someone else, you keep getting messages wanting to know "WHY are You Mad at Me because I really care about You" line of bull or any one of 10 to 12 excuses! It would be interesting to know just how much their Cut of Your hard earned money is??? Save Your MONEY and frustration at their games! I would rate it as "Zero" stars if I could!

    Nothing good to say about it! Unless You just want to talk about sex and what You want to do to her! For me, it's one, if not the, most expensive "Dating" websites on the internet!

    Talk, Talk, TALK is A-L-L these "women" want to do! It a lot easier to talk In Person AND a LOT CHEAPER at a public location or in the bedroom!

    City, Please?

    Review about Sensual Agenda

    Most of the profiles will tell you the "woman" is in your state but not disclose the city. When you ask for that info, you spend one of your credits. As often as not, it turns out the "woman" really does not live in your state. If you stop chatting they will try to provoke you into an answer. More credits gone. My second wife used to write answers to letters and emails to porn sites, pretending to be some well-known porn actress. It's a job.

    Internet assault

    Review about Sensual Agenda

    This is the worst site I know, although the weapons are not seen, it can be classified as armed robbery, I suppose they use robots to respond and they just wait for it to be spent and spent, please do not waste your money like I did, It is better to go to a bar and have some beers, suddenly there you meet someone, but believe me, surely in Sensual Agenda you will never make it


    AI scam

    Review about AmericanFlings

    I was chatting with fake artificial intelligence that cost a.small fortune and did nothing but string me along and tease me with hopes of meeting someone that did not exist. Don't fall for it. It doesn't deserve 1 star.

    If you like make believe you can have some fun sexting

    It is all a lie. Expensive waste of money. A tease that will get you nowhere