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    This Is Best Site

    Hi I Have Visited Many Chat Sites But This Is Fantastic Site. Chat room

    Pros Chat room

    Cons Chat room

    Some genuine, some timewasters

    I've been a member of AFF for 2 years now and am based in the UK. In my experience only about 1 in 5 members you will interact with will actually be serious about meeting.

    I've met one lady locally and another from a different part of the country, If you are UK based and looking to have several different hook ups you probably have to be willing to travel. Although if you live in London you may find more people locally than if you live in the North East. I'm extremely large in the trouser department and that has put some potential meets up as it was too intimidating for them so perhaps my success rate is limited in that sense.

    If you are decent looking, not overweight, can converse normally and don't have a micro sized cock you can potentially do pretty well on AFF. If you verify your profile and also get a testimonial early off the bat, then this will increase your chances.

    There are some genuine people looking to meet.

    You can find people who are looking for adult casual encounters.

    Men really need to pay for a membership in order to make enough contact with women to close hook ups. Women can rely on a non paid membership and still get meets.

    The site is probably 60% time-wasters.

    Results vary by location

    I have been on and off AFF with the same profile for almost 9 years and lived in several different places during that time.
    I have found that as a guy if you are in your in your early 20s most people just wont bother with you at all.

    Location 1 was a small town, on an island. It was so bad that I knew some of the people with face pics. Very few people on. Never met anyone but got some practice chatting and emailing.
    Also being a new profile attracts all the spammers and scammers. If you have been on for a few years they will just leave you alone.
    A paid membership will do no good here.

    Location 2 was a medium size population center, costal area with multiple collages. It was the Hampton, newportnews Norfolk area in Virginia. In my early to mid 20s not much went on. Then about the time I hit 25-26 lets just say I got busy and I didn't even have a paid membership. I would get a silver membership (which I don't think is offered any more) for a few months, email lots of people and establish some contacts. Let my membership expire and keep the contacts till they went their own way.
    Over 5 years, on and off with AFF I met a lot of women. I would say around 15 to 20, about half of those were one time hookup other half were reoccurring to some degree.
    Had I been willing to drive to Virginia beach more often or had I lived there I would have f-ed my brains out and died every weekend during vacation season. The only way to describe VAbeach is when its busy its an orgy.
    I miss the Virginia's 7 cities area.

    Location 3 was a small texas city, only being there for a couple months turned out to be pretty good. Better than I expected.
    Places like this you will need a paid member ship.

    Location 4 was a medium size island, different island than location 1.
    Problem there was I didn't have internet for a while. Men just out numbered women by a lot. Still managed to meet 3 people over 5 months, one was just a meeting, second was a hookup and third one was reoccurring fwb.
    Swinging couples were really big there, if you went some where like that as a couple you would see a ton of action. Its was the only costal tropical area that didn't have a lot of action, I think because the M to F imbalance.
    Paid membership helps a lot.

    Location 5 is god forsaken dusty sheit hole, deep red state ultra conservative town. I knew the sex scene looked very bleak before I moved here.
    But to my surprise I had a little luck when I first moved here. Had 2 meetings right away one went great and got an awesome fwb.
    Then after that there was nothing, had 1 meeting and it produced a more off than on fwb and that's it over the last year or so.
    The only person I can get with on a regular basis is a hot MILF that to have to drive 100 miles each way for.
    A paid membership and small reliable car that gets lots of MPGs and being prepared to drive ways is your best bet.

    Location 6 is my temporary work location. A small to medium size city in Newmexico. Started looking about a month before I started working there and found 1 fwb that is always glad to have me. Have not bothered to look any more after I found her.
    Can not recall if I had a paid membership or not.

    To recap:
    Population centers are good.
    Population + collage better.
    Costal population centers with collages, absolutely insane.

    If you live in a small town with lots of churches, expect to drive 100 miles to get some.

    Spring and summer are much more active than winter and fall. That goes for everywhere, Spring fever does exist.

    If you can use half way decent English, look okay, have an above average size cock and treat women with respect you will do well.
    And above all just don't lie to them. Everyone else does, don't be every one else. If you are married and can only get away once or twice a week be honest. If you lie, they will likely figure it out and guaranteed they will not want anything to do with you.

    You will die, from exhaustion from running around and F-ing too much if you live in Virginia beach.

    If you live in a small town with a church on almost every street corner you are totally screwed and will only gets lots of offers from guys.

    Watch out for the sharks

    If she's young (25) and hot and flirting with you she's probably up to something. These sharks will give you an e-mail address and hen in contact will redirect you to another site. How may 25yr olds stay at a four seasons just to visit friends?

    If they have that kind of money, they probably don't need to be scamming men.

    AFF does a good job of deleting these profiles and if you report 1, they will watch out for you.

    Good customer support

    The fake profiles....


    I've been on this site for almost a year now and I've actually had one date out of it. She didn't want to get involved with a married guy unless my wife was cool with it, so the two of them met first. Too bad things never worked out, she would have been fun. (Well, even more fun).
    Most of the profiles are real. They're a few fake ones, but they're easy to spot. If they look too good to be true and have only been on there for a day, they're probably fake.
    Like all casual dating sites, there are a lot more men on there than women. But most of the men just have penis pictures and want to fuck, so that weeds most of them out. Regardless, it takes patience.

    I'm only recommending this because it simply doesn't suck as bad as the others.

    If you really want just NSA sex, hire an escort.

    Adult Friend Finder - Frustrating but there are real people on it

    So the deal with AFF is you have three choices. You can avoid it entirely, which might save you some frustration but it is free to sign up so why not take the chance. Worst case is you never find someone but at least you tried. Second is to sign up and be PATIENT! The key is patience (and blogging, blogging earns points, points lets you email) without patience a free account will get you nowhere. The third option is to pay to upgrade, and you still have to be PATIENT! Just because now you can email people doesn't mean you should start copy pasting "Fuk me?" emails to every woman in your city. Women don't appreciate being treated like dirt, and they also want someone who wants to give them more attention that just a mindless penis. They already have those if you didn't know guys it's called a dildo.

    When you pay to upgrade think very carefully about whether you really want to fork over the extra cash for the gold membership. Besides seeing the newly created profiles 3 days early, and being able to customize your searches better, it gets you nothing else really other than a little gold ball instead of a silver one on your profile name.

    Paying for Silver or Gold, you'd be a fool to pay month to month expecting to hook up in the first month. Their guarantee is to meet someone in three months, they don't guarantee how you will meet them or whether that person will have sex with you or not. Meet can be as simply defined as a woman responded to your email. Be prepared to be searching for months before meeting someone for sex. I recommend getting the year package and turning off autorenew immediately so if by the end of your 12 months you aren't satisfied then you don't get roped in to a second year.

    I joined for only a month as a silver when I lived in LA the fuck capitol of the world with millions of potential FBs. I was so mad and disappointed when I never got a single response that I decided not to renew. When I moved to Northern Cali, I decided to give it another shot and went for the year subscription plus the porn package (hey free unlimited downloads and I'm bored playing with myself as soon as I get home at least would like to see some DVD quality entertainment rather than flash videos all the time) within a month I met someone, we had a playdate that didn't go so well. A week later I arranged another meet with someone in central cali, we hit it off and screwed for 36 hours before I had to drive back. A week after I got back I met another lady in my city we hit it off and were FWB for a few weeks until things got a little too friendly for the level of benefits and I don't deny women would prefer a friend but this was her end going a little too far over the limit of friends. It was entering slavedom. I've also made many online only friends for emailing and chatting, but I haven't had a partner in 4 months now. So it's not ideal but it is realistic to expect to find someone to have sex with at some point.

    I should mention when I joined I was 200 pounds overweight and the girls I was with were not supermodels but the FWB was deffinately cute and I wish we could have stayed together longer. I'm now down another 100 pounds and building a potential relationship with a very good looking woman my age who's slightly overweight but has an amazing figure and I hope we get together.

    Keep hope, and realize were wanted for more than our schlongs (because if you think yours is so special get a dose of reality, AFF is a sausage fest at least 10-100 men to every woman in major cities, 100-1000 men / 1 woman in smaller rural areas. If you were a gay guy you would find a ton of action. I have 5-6 gay guys watch me on cam every night.

    People who are against AFF usually feel like they got cheated and the reality is they probably weren't patient (both in time and the way they treated the women)

    Lots of members, lots of real people, very likely chance of meeting someone if you live in a major city

    Lots of fake profiles, annoying restrictions, site is constantly trying to get you to upgrade even from silver to gold, there are plenty of scammers but you will figure out how to spot them really quickly.

    Ripoff site.

    This website offers three levels of service. Standard, Silver and Gold. Standard is free and does very little. I have been a standard member for years. I recently upgraded to a Gold membership thinking I would have full access to all the features. WRONG. Gold allows you to browse and email all members but doesn't allow you to see if they have read your email. That cost 100 points which I have no clue of how much they cost or a VIP membership from what I can tell is basically an addition 150 a year. There are other things that require points or VIP membership. As far as service it is a money pit.

    You can actually meet people.

    Nickle and dime you to death. Features don't work properly (or they send you false information hoping to keep you on the hook).

    Took me 2 month's to find someone!

    What an experience now that I finally met someone I understand why everyone is complaining. Lots of hookers, gold diggers, weirdo's and strange people possibly men pretending to be women telling you to email them here. I would complain but I had a similar experience with Match, Plenty of fish, Ashley Madison and eHarmony. They're all the same my stance is neutral I don't think Adult Friend Finder is a scam but I do get why some people don't like it. The woman I met used to be a stripper and now wants to be a actress shes hot but like most of the hot girls on this site she sounds like a hand full. One other thing I will say is most of the women I chatted with are single moms which I found really funny because Adult friend finder is a swingers site!

    A lot of hot women in one place, great service, lots of members, I also agree that you can get laid because there are some many hookers and strippers that frequent that site looking for "tricks"

    Beware of fake profiles I think there are scammers that pose as females that try to steal your identity and money. There easy to spot because they all typically use the email message templates so when the contact you you'll notice a pattern. Open a separate email account


    I tried their trial membership some time back .... Amazing how I had so many women wanting to message, talk and hook-up... then when I purchased a membership, they all went away. Some profiles were not there anymore, others were women from all over the world .... I responded to all of them and no response.

    Don't waste your money or time!


    yes, its a con.

    A Woman's Review of Adult Friendfinder

    I think the 2 previous reviewers were spot on for covering the male experience on the site but I thought it would be fair to give a female perspective since there isn't one on here.

    If you are a woman looking for NSA/FB encounters AFF will change your life. If you think you want to start off with an NSA and then eventually turn it into a relationship, I don't think this site is for you.

    There was a serious learning curve when it came to AFF but here are the pertinent points:

    Fill out your profile. Make a list of the 3-5 most important things to you in a FB. Post them. Post sexy photos. Wait, surf profiles, and send messages when you like someone's profile.

    Don't respond to the angry hate mail or 2 word/1 sentence emails. If at any point in your communications or profile perusing you get an odd feeling about someone, just disappear. They'll be others, I promise and you'll be saving yourself from a whole lot of crazy. The good ones make themselves known, clearly. Weeding through the chaff takes a lot of time but the rewards, oh the rewards, are so worth it.

    The world is generally more accessible to the attractive but moreso on a sex site. I'm an attractive gal but I have never been so visually satisfied with my bedfellows than when I was on that site. Now that I'm regular dating again, it is with a sigh that I relinquish the sight of washboard abs and strong jawlines from a daily basis to a couple times a year occasion... and remind myself that kindness (which was definitely lacking on that site) counts for a heck of a lot more. I was looking a little above my rating on AFF but not leaps and bounds over. Reality should still play some part of your expectations for your AFF finds.

    Most of the men I met with exceeded everything I ever thought I'd want in a lover but even they had horror stories of pretty but insane women and women with unreasonable expectations. The site is overrun with pros and webcam girls so the few real girls are in high demand. The attractive real ones can have a ball if they have the fortitude and patience to weed through all the junk and a thick skin to get through the sheer insanity of it all.

    If you are realistic about the female soul sucking nature of NSA relationships and you are still sure you want to do it, you can meet seriously attractive, intelligent, and skilled men.

    Allows you to pre-screen a little bit better than with beer goggles on in a bar.

    Can be free if you are attractive/in demand.

    Guys don't try to trade up on this site. Otherwise you are going to be very disappointed (If the hotness of the girl matters THAT much to you, hire a pro. If a woman wouldn't go out on a normal date with you why on earth would she be willing to have an NSA arrangement with you, for free?) Ladies, don't try to trade up too high, either. The world unfortunately still revolves around youth and beauty, free sex or no.

    I don't think anyone besides a hard core sex addict could survive on that site for long. For a woman, it is difficult to remind yourself that ultimately your feelings don't matter. It is only ever about sex.

    The site blocks and loses messages all the time. Repeated attempts to trade email addresses can be frustrating, but if they are that hot, keep trying.

    Be wary of autorenew. I swore I turned off the auto renew feature more than once and I got renewed for 2 subscription rounds anyway. By the 3rd, it stuck and I was able to shift back down to a free account.


    when you write to some people,they write back to you appearing to code an email address to write them at.I opened 2 windows,1 for the profile with the email,and 1 to write the fast as i could click send on the email and switch windows to the profile,it was cancelled.also,on another occassion,two completely different people sent me a "coded" email with the SAME EXACT email address to reply to even though they lived 20 miles from each other.profile deleted upon email too.


    it is a con.


    A legitimate site run as well as could be expected. Unfortunately the site is overrun with prostitutes. The people who run the site will remove a prostitute when they uncover one but they are swamped with them. Just be careful and you should be able to pick out the legit members from the "play for pay" variety as the legit members will answer your email questions specifically. The hookers will just write back saying they've had a hard week and can't wait for the weekend to meet you (no matter WHAT you've written)

    Good site run by good people.

    WAYYYYY too many hookers.

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