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Sex in the City might have been a popular series about women having sex with all sorts of different men, but with this sex dating site, we can assure you that that lifestyle can become a reality.

Easy to use, gathers all the hot babes and attractive men from all over the world who are looking for casual sex. Who knows? Maybe there are women in your city who have gotten inspired by the famous TV series and are looking to hook up with men just like you.

Creating an account on this great sex dating site is absolutely free and, in no time, you will be able to search for partners in your area. The great thing about living in a big city is that everybody is too busy to care what others are doing, so your one-night stands will be surely confidential.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the many great free features on this website. You will be able to browse and review photos and profiles of other members, send how many emails you want to others, get daily matches on your email account, tag your favorite profiles, and many more.

Right now, tens of thousands of members are online in search of a new adventure. What are you waiting? Get your free membership right now and start dating the hottest people in your city. Details

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Reviews: 16


With a free account you can use all the features on the website. But to make sure you can enter your profile a lifetime long, get a Free Lifetime Membership. The price for this is $0,00; just fill in your credit card number. tells you that the promo price is $0,00. reviews (16): - Some freaky shit: transcript of chat on facebook.


hey whats up.. im Hollie sorry for disturbing and invading your message area im sorry for being random i know u dont know me but i like meeting new ppl here on facebook.. feel free to add me if you dont mind.. but if not, its okay no biggie

how are you?

Very good and how are you?

im fine btw where you from

From New Mexico and you?

im from Brooklyn Ny How about you??

Albuquerque, NM

How old are you??

31, how old are you?

im 20 are you married? have girlfriend or kids?

I am single with no kids.
U have a boyfriend, girlfriend or kids?

me too im single, i was cheated by my boyfriend, thats why i just broke up with him recently..

Find another boyfriend yet?


Well before you said you had just broken up with your boyfriend.

hmm what do you do for fun

I like to play guitar and piano, it fun and is my profession.
it's fun
And I do yoga.
What do you do for fun?

U live in New York?


Do u like ti there?


I live in Albuquerque, used to live in los Angeles and Boulder
So what are you going to do tonight?

ohh pretty chill well me im just on facebook chillin, anyway can i ask you something?


it is just i joined a online competition for the search for best bikini models and there's a big cash prize and travel incentive for the winner and i need votes to win wud u help me? But its okay if you dont want to no biggie.

Yeah, I guess so. That is a hot picture. What do you get for winning?

well a big amount of $ and a travel incentives

I really enjoy your pictures and videos, very sexy.

could you help me now?

I think so, what do you want me to do?


I still don't know if I was speaking to artificial intelligence or a person on the other end. I'm pretty sure it is a chat bot, what do you guys think?

After I confronted her, she starts saying fuck you bitch, FUCKYOURSELF. - not worth the visit


i joined this site for a month to see if it is worth it i asked to cancil any repeat billing .. so site management cancelled everything .. so i wrote back to them telling why i joined just to see what site has to offer and only to cancil repeat billing so i got a email saying my money will be refunded .. i was only there for a day as a paid member .. and the site is a cam girl site not worth the money ...

tod does NOT recommend to friends/family - How To Have Better Sex in Five Easy Steps


I'm aware the smilies are down. Sorry I didn't make a post earlier. I've been in contact with some people trying to get it back up,

thompson does recommend to friends/family - total rip off


I signed up for the 3 day trial after a while of browsing and receiving several messages from local girls, this is great I thought THEN the sight showed its true colours??.
I could not access 90% or the features even my own inbox and when I eventually opened my inbox it took nearly an hour to got through to the first girl to read her message and then came the reply, after typing the reply I could not send it, it seemed everything had frozen, so I checked my own sent box and found I had sent the same message around 26 times to this girl if she exists at all ????
I cancelled my subscription straight away after a couple of hours of upgrading and guess what !!!!! I was fine with the 3 day payment but a couple of days later I had a call from my bank to say that my account was frozen due to fraudulent activity. This site not only took out a further 3 day payment then a months payment then tried to take out a three month payment in the space of an hour thankfully that was stopped so my advice to all is avoid this site like the plague.

Free sign up and profile.

Everything on this site is one big con...........

David Walk does NOT recommend to friends/family - Let us get together and call the police to have th


This web sight is one big joke if you chance you contry all the girls also chance contry , i think they have 20 olde women sitting replying you mail and fill you shit , let us find the people and have the money back, they have to pay 60Dollers back to me

jan does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scam


It's obvious that this site is full of fake profiles.The profile pictures don't even look real, they look like model pictures someone posted on there. Although I have seen few real profiles, the majority are not real, I can tell.


Fake profiles.

Bianca does NOT recommend to friends/family - prostitution


The women on here are obviously pro's applying there trade , how else could you interpret "looking for beneficiary " or " I want to be spoiled " .
The only thing missing is a price list for services .
It dosnt take a genius to figure out that if your on this site your either a whore or a John .
The banner Ad's say it all .

Hooker's galore !!

your going to pay one way or another

Mike Cybil does NOT recommend to friends/family - h d


cgfgh fgfhgh fgff fkjk ghcvsdf dffghgh ssssssssssssss so

dimuthu sa does recommend to friends/family - total fraud


I kept getting friend requests, that when I responded the sender never answered. Its a total fraud. I did talk to one real lady, she had signed on another website and was shocked at the x-rated emails she was getting. Once I told her, she canceled her account

Full of phony bios

David Grim does NOT recommend to friends/family - all fake


just a big wast of time and a big run around the site is just useless

there is no pros not even the cam shows

all the girls and the site is just stupid and i doubt there any thing real about it

steven low does NOT recommend to friends/family

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