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Japancupid.com has joined a great many Japanese singles with their matches from around the globe, making it a standout amongst the most trusted Japanese dating destinations. Whether you're searching for a date or the affection of your life, discover them in a fun and secure environment on Japancupid.com. Began in 2005, Japancupid.com is a piece of the entrenched Cupid Media arrange that works in excess of 30 respectable specialty dating destinations. As one of the biggest Japanese dating locales, we have a great many Japanese ladies joining ordinary intrigued by reaching somebody like you. With a commitment to interfacing singles all around, we present to you a site that provides food solely to bona fide Japanese dating. Whether you're searching for affection generally or globally, we bring Japan to you regardless of where on the planet you may be. Online rate dating is about making continuous connections. Whether you're searching for adoration or searching for somebody to meet at this time, during 5-time livejapancupid.com will unite you with nearby singles who are online and prepared to visit.

As a heading Japanese dating site, it is an effectively unite Japanese singles from around the globe to meet their perfect match. A large number of upbeat singles have discovered love on our Japanese dating site and have imparted their stories to us. Look at the numerous examples of overcoming adversity here. Japancupid.com is a pro dating and matchmaking site that aids individuals from Japanese and Western foundations to discover their ideal match. We offer well disposed administration combined with complex pursuit and informing offices that will make your quest for genuine romance fun and pleasant. It likewise comprehend the inspirations and desires of individuals from differing foundations looking to discover their ideal match and feel that our own particular encounters might be of significant aid. Seek through thousands profiles of appealing, cordial men and ladies from all foundations looking to reach somebody much the same as you. Your own particular individual inbox permits you to effortlessly and namelessly discover your ideal match. Include a profile immediately and connect a photograph. Japancupid.com is worked by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a company that has practical experience in the improvement of database-driven dating destinations.

JapanCupid.com Details

Hits: 4232

URL: http://www.japancupid.com/

Categories: Asian Datingsites

Reviews: 70

2 stars, 70 Reviews

JapanCupid.com Kosten

With a JapanCupid.com free membership, you can easily meet singles through this website. To benefit more from your membership, you can become a paid member. Upgrading your account gives you a JapanCupid.com promo price: 3 months of Gold Membership will cost you $ 20.00 per month: you will save 33%! The JapanCupid.com promo price for 3 month Platinum Membership is $ 23.33 per month. When you're upgrading your membership for more than 1 month, a JapanCupid.com discount is provided to you.

JapanCupid.com Contact

The JapanCupid.com contact information as shown on the website is the following: 011 61 7 55711181 is the JapanCupid.com contact number for US and Canadian consumers. For JapanCupid.com contact from Europe or UK you can call 00 61 7 5571 1181.

JapanCupid.com reviews (70):


JapanCupid.com - no japanese men


This site is useless. I'm an european girl. I registered to meet JAPANESE men....but mostly just white men talked to me.

A few japanese men sent me messages too, but all of them were older than 50... I was so bored that I replied to some, but they had absolutely nothing to talk about. I felt like a detective, that only I asked questions.

I had more luck on okcupid, and omiai.
Even badoo is better than this.

(p.s. sorry for my english)


- 9 out of 10 men who contacted me were white. I even wrote in my headline that ''only japanese men, please''... I guess noone can read.
- It takes a day until photos are approved/declined
- There are not enough active japanese male members


JapanCupid.com - Site full of catfish, clownfish, and whales!


I was recommended this site by a friend. Thank God I did not spend my hard-earned cash on this site! This is the worst site on earth. The first thing that upset me was that, I am a non-Asian woman and non-Asian men are flirting with me! These men obviously have to be joking or are just dumb because I specifically stated what age range I wanted and I wanted an ASIAN MAN! I can meet white, black, and hispanic men in real life. Why are you on Japancupid if you are not interested in Japanese women!!? Stop wasting my time!

Second complaint, most of the men interested in me are super old and gross. Old enough to be my grandfather. Not all of us what a mack/big daddy or whatever that crazy crap is called. I don't have daddy issues, not desperate, or insecure. JC needs to get more strict features! Thankfully, I have met and married a Japanese man in real life. If you are not a old white man, then your chances of finding love on this site are slim. You will become highly discouraged and disgusted with your matches, in which they are NO WHERE NEAR what you want! I never wanted a 75-year-old grandpa simpson liking me! When these age group of men added me to their favorite group, I logged off for good. That was the last nail in the coffin. Waste of time and would have been a waste of money too because the men who contacted me, in which I had to pay to see their message, where obviously either fake, married, or hiding something since they lacked a picture. A lot of profiles lacked a picture, so it is a fake site! This site is a magnet for catfish, clownfish, and whales (old, gross, balding, and over-weight white dirty men). What a jooookkkke!!!


-The whole site in general. Save up to go to Japan!
-It's very suspicious if you have to pay to see messages. It's a cry for desperation and getting ripped off. Don't pay for this site when you can get a Japanese date for free!

Amber does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Best site to meet Japanese women


I guess I shouldn't be surprised by all the negative reviews and scam claims. Every time something doesn't work for someone it's a scam. That's not Japan Cupid's fault though. If you are not at least a "gold member" Japanese women will not consider you to be "serious" and you will surely get no results.

This website is intended for white men to meet Japanese women in Japan. Duh! If you don't live in Japan and are not white or Japanese your chances are nearly zero. If I sound racist, well I don't know what to tell you. This is the reality of Japan, when it comes to racism they are worse than we are.

There are always scammers and if you can't spot them you're probably not the brightest bulb in the world. Young pretty Japanese girl is interested in you and sends you an email first? Scam! Some other pretty young girl from another Asian country emails you? Scam or citizenship hunter.

Japan Cupid is a legitimate site and I think a very good one for what it is intended. The women lie about their age as a general rule and all want you to give them free English lessons. Who cares. Communication is going to be your biggest obstacle unless you speak fluent Japanese at a native level or vice versa. Keeps most all relationships at a very superficial level unfortunately.

I feel all the obstacles and hassles are worth it.

Lots of Japanese women.

Scammers, but easy to spot.
Too many citizenship hunters from other Asian countries I have no interest in.

Kevin does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Japan Cupid Sent Me An Angel


I read Carlton's scathing review of Japan Cupid, so I thought I'd put my two cents' worth in. I found my wife on Japan Cupid, and also found a good friend, which was a bonus! Also, the responses I received were overwhelming- I actually didn't have time to reply to all of the young ladies who contacted me! I am forever in Japan Cupid's debt!

Lots of funny, cute and personable young ladies, mostly marriage-minded. Unlimited contact, so long as one of the two is a paying member.

There might be a few scammers working the site, but Japan Cupid is quick to step in and remedy any reports of possible scammers.

Eric does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Why will no one respond to me??


I have always loved Japan more than any Asian country and have always wanted to date a girl from there. I join Japancupid.com, create my profile, describing myself and everything I love about Japan. I upload photos and send TONS of messages. If I'm lucky, maybe......2 out of every 20 girls I message say anything back. Only half of them even read my messages or view my profile! I have two theories here:
1. Japanese women are racist as F#@$ and will not talk to foreigners on any circumstances or just don't like me no matter how nice I am to them.
2. Japancupid.com is a generic, corporate, money-grabbing site part of an entire scamming network with fake profiles and/or hired prostitutes who go after select men.

*Based on many other reviewers, my second theory sounds more accurate. I have heard too many good things about Japan to believe my first. Therefore I will moving to another Japanese dating site.


The site itself.

Carlton does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Good Site


Signed up for a month subscription 2 months ago. Sent a message to a lady she's Filipina and with in 4 days got a response. We have been communicating off the site for 2 months now e-mails, phone calls, text message, hand written letters. She hasn't asked me for any money or gave me a sob story about how hard her life is or she needs money for a sick relative or what ever kind of story that most scammers come up with. I invited her to come and visit me next year and she said that she would save some money to come.

Maybe I just got lucky I don't know or the ones with the negative comments just don't know how to make a profile and send a considerate message. I will tell you this I was on Match.com for a year and sent I don't know how many messages to ladies and did not get one response. I also notice that this varies from site to site so I only join these sites for 1 month and go to another.

Yes there are plenty of scammers out there my advice is read and learn about the about the scams there are plenty of sites about scams, be skeptical don't send any money to any one. Don't give any contact info until you are comfortable with the lady. If the lady likes you she will continue to communicate with you off the site. You will know if the lady is genuine or not. Yes I have been scammed and it was from a woman in my own state where I live imagine that. So just because they are in another country doesn't make them a scammer. There are just as many in the US and are just as hard to track.

So do your homework and if the messages seems like they are hinting towards money just delete them from your list pronto

Easy to navigate and plenty of available women. If you are in the US only contact the ones that have, Willing to relocate to another country on there profile

Long distance relationships

Ron does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Might be legit.


I'm an ugly 46 year old man, and I actually got one response and one date off of this site from a girl that was local and was about ten years younger. That's a better result than I got from Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid, so I'm not ready to call it a scam.

Chance of responses.

Mostly for long distance.

Troy does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Filled in all the details, profile terminated.


I was recommended this site by a friend and thought I'd try it out.

I'm a 26 year old attractive caucasian woman looking for friendship and possibly more. I'm not in Japan right now but I'm planning to go back soon.

I filled in my profile with all details, uploaded a photo and even verified my account.
I didn't even get to browsing before my profile was suddenly "terminated and cannot be reactivated".

I e-mailed them about it but I haven't gotten a reply yet.

I was sort of left with the same feeling that all my white classmates used to give me in Japan; Asian girl or GTFO.

I guess I'll wait and see if they will reply or not..

Easy enough to understand.

Nice matching system.

Got terminated within 20 minutes with no explanation given.


JapanCupid.com - Not for long distance relationships.


This is my second time on Japancupid paying for a gold membership which I only do a month trial at a time. While the site is good in general, it is very difficult to get a relationship started with the Japanese members unless you fit into the females very small selective category. I have to admit I've been pretty picky too so I'm rather picky... except most of the current women there (from Japan) seem to think there are enough wealthy, movie star Caucasian males willing to take them in like some Hollywood romance comedy film are roaming the site (and just happen to be in Japan) looking for them.

One of the things that does concern me about Japancupids service is when they send you a message saying someone is interested in you and it actually turns out they just sent some random person's profile your way and they never really actually even checked you out. That gets very annoying very fast. I've been fortunate to have a few check out my profile that were actual members and not Japancupid initiated.

Its always good to identify that the people on this dating site are not completely representing the quality of the site.

Unfortunately with my current situation I think it is better to actually be living or visiting Japan to get more hits. I'm in my mid 30s and look a much younger than my age (with at least above average looks) but from my experience I've had more women 19+ checking me out and hitting on me when I'm there in person.

So unless you're there or going there soon, its best to probably avoid signing up until then.

Great search engine, free chat and IM, lots of members.

The women can be very VERY picky, and rude. Gold membership has some good upgrades but you have to pay a bit too much for Premium which pretty much only gives you some very small additional options.

Darknile does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


JapanCupid.com - Scam Dating Site - Do Not Use!!!


I am a decent looking guy, I set up an account with Match.com and got 11 winks in an 4 hours - so I'm not hideous at least.
And it's all gone very well, 2 of which are Asian I might add

I joined JapanCupid.com about 2 months ago
Anyway - this site is such a scam it's laughable - unfortunately you only truly find that out after paying for the first month subscription.

Well hopefully this will make some of the people who were ripped off through this site feel a little better.

I'm a great internet marketing professional, and specialise in SEO - and I'm going to regularly attack the site - I can't take the site down but I can make people know about how fake it is if someone tries to check its validity first I will kick them where it hurts their cheating wallet!



I'm an internet professional and it becomes clear when you pay the first months subscription (which it forces you to do quickly) that it's totally managed by bots (or illiterate people) either way it's a complete scam!

peter does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family

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