JapanCupid.com Review - Enjoy..but with caution

JapanCupid.com - Enjoy..but with caution


I've been a member of Japan Cupid and koreancupid on and off for about a year-and-a-half now. Honestly there scammers and egotistical individuals on both sites. I think someone else here said it best... online dating can be very unforgiving. the best thing is look at it as one just way of meeting new people/making friends. If this is your only way of meeting new people, you're bound to be disappointed. You're going to run into scammers, fake profiles, Knuckleheads that can't read and people that don't fit what it is you might be specifically looking for. I made the mistake of " locking in " on "types" and profile photos...only to be disappointed..and realizing it was really my fault. Besides the fact that men are usually "chasing" and women are "choosing" in real life...and the virtual world...most women aren't reading many of the emails they receive anyway... either because there are just too many or they are dissatisfied with the responses. With everything going on there it just pays to have an open mind...and if you meet someone cool with similar interests, even if you just end up being friends, it's still a good thing.

One way to meet new people.

Was told some of my photos I tried to add were not clear and blurry however some photos I'very seen on women's profiles were even more blurry. Rules for photos are applied inconsistently.

Also I've noticed that I've gotten more responses and emails sent to my profile near the end or after my subscription has ended. The website's way of trying to get you to pay for another subscription...using their own fake profiles?


Date: April 24, 2017 - 7:14

By: JapanCupid Team

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the feedback! Please be assured that we do not send fake messages to our members. Our fraud prevention team works 24/7 to remove non-genuine profiles. If you would like to report a member, please submit a ‘report abuse’ form or email us at [email protected]

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