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    Too make fake SD profiles

    Ladies!!! Do yourself a favour and DO NOT use this fraudulent website. I’ve been on it 8+ days and so far I’ve been contacted by THREE fake people claiming to be wealthy sugar daddies. They even had photos of “themselves”. After a couple days of chatting with you and making you feel as ease, they ask you for your banking info or credit card so they can “send” you “money”... I hope you’re all smart enough to RUN as soon as someone asks for your bank info; because anyone who genuinely wants to send you money doesn’t need to have access to your account, only your email. Also, why would anyone want to send you money before at least meeting you once? Another sign is they all speak broken English or don’t spell properly, and so they have all been in the “States”, a fact I seriously doubt.
    This website is HORRIBLE. They don’t seem to verify their clients in anyway (photos, emails, phone numbers, Facebooks etc.) anyone can make up a fake account and join using a prepaid credit card.
    Stay away ladies!!!!!!


    Where do I begin?

    Three Day Trial Is A Scam - DON'T GO ON THIS SITE

    I tried the three day trial and tried to cancel within the first day and then the second. The system does not acknowledge your cancellation and then I come to find out for two months that my credit card was being billed. When you try to get a refund they offer you a free month. Well how is it free when I just paid for it against my will. They billed my credit card for two months and with a lot of fighting and threatening have visa cancel their charges they gave me one month back so far. They said they need administrative approval to refund my second month. Funny the person in customer service seemed to have all the approval in the world to offer me free months of membership. They deliberately are doing this. As I read through these reviews I am not the only one that this happened to. I'm pissed that I had to take all this time out of my work schedule to fight for something I didn't even give permission for. I hope they go out of business. Plus they won't let you remove your profile. I think they keep a bunch of fake ones on there. One guy said I'm coming into town and want to meet someone - in 2009. We are now in 2013. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I am writing this so that I can prevent others from having to go through what I did. Hopefully will mess up enough to go out of business soon and make web site dating better for everyone.

    the worst customer service in the US

    the worst customer service in the US


    the worst customer service in the US

    What a scamming site

    I hate how they reel you in with a 3 day free offer, only to then continuously charge your card month after month, without providing you a way to cancel easily. Honestly, any website that resorts to this method to make money is a scam. I wouldn't recommend this website.

    Just search the internet for SugarDaddyForMe reviews or complaints, and you will see what I mean.

    - Auto billing and recurring billing, with no easy way to cancel

    Website run by crooks

    Seems like there is no surprise there is so many complaints about credit card fraud from this website. They charge you then charge you and charge you and you can't cancel. It's classic bait and switch.

    Perhaps digging a little more into who owns the company may reveal that the company is actually owned and operated by a convict -- who was apparently in trouble for running some psychic scam a long time ago.

    Anyone and everyone can run a dating website, but buyers should do their research on this one.

    Free 3 day trial if you provide a credit card

    They will rebill your credit card, and there is no way to cancel easily

    sugardaddy for me staff are thieves

    I was a sugar baby that tried the 3day membership. I cancelled the first 24hrs because the moment I did the trial, I encountered all type of technical issues and told them to can several times and place me back at the free level. I was charged 54 bucks anyway and they NEVER replied I told them to close my account since you have to go through them and I'm still a member against my will and considerating legal action this is a headache I regret going to that site.


    You can cancel and yet they still charge you its many other reports of the samething, certainly wish I would have done my homework

    Crooked with credit card

    I had the same issue as others. I cancel but they charge my card anyway.

    The site is ok

    Once they have your card they just start charging it and does not stop


    I am quickly learning about the sugar daddy world: (1) The woman are all looking for that $10k a month sugar daddy - and these guys rarely exist. When they figure out you arent that guy, they move one (2) Most of the woman will bed you if you wine and dine them on the first date and throw 2-300 their way. I got laid 3 times in one week but it cost me about 800 bucks plus meals

    Sugar Daddy For Me = CROOKS!

    They are crooks, plain and simple. They made unauthorized charges on my credit card and when I contacted them, they assured me they would take care of it. Instead, they just went ahead and continued to charge me -- I had to have my credit card number changed!\r\nTheir correspondences with me seemed to be templates, and bad templates at that -- giving totally conflicting information within the same letters. Beware and avoid this site unless you are a glutton for punishment!

    There are no pros. The site is terrible.

    They are crooks -- they will continue to charge your credit card without your permission. It takes over 48 hours to get in touch with anybody (hear back from customer service), and even then, you can't talk to a live person -- you just end up getting confusing emails that don't directly address your complaint and urge you to keep using their service...

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