Sugar Daddy For Me Review - Three Day Trial Is A Scam - DON'T GO ON THIS SITE

Sugar Daddy For Me - Three Day Trial Is A Scam - DON'T GO ON THIS


I tried the three day trial and tried to cancel within the first day and then the second. The system does not acknowledge your cancellation and then I come to find out for two months that my credit card was being billed. When you try to get a refund they offer you a free month. Well how is it free when I just paid for it against my will. They billed my credit card for two months and with a lot of fighting and threatening have visa cancel their charges they gave me one month back so far. They said they need administrative approval to refund my second month. Funny the person in customer service seemed to have all the approval in the world to offer me free months of membership. They deliberately are doing this. As I read through these reviews I am not the only one that this happened to. I'm pissed that I had to take all this time out of my work schedule to fight for something I didn't even give permission for. I hope they go out of business. Plus they won't let you remove your profile. I think they keep a bunch of fake ones on there. One guy said I'm coming into town and want to meet someone - in 2009. We are now in 2013. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I am writing this so that I can prevent others from having to go through what I did. Hopefully will mess up enough to go out of business soon and make web site dating better for everyone.

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