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Last updated: November 29, 2017
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LuvFree is a cheerful to see that you've chosen to use few minutes figuring out what we are about. Our mission is to furnish you with a chance to meet new individuals, make companions, find friends and family at truly no expense. Essentially making a profile will provide for you a right to gain entrance to our dating administrations: mailing framework, sites, rating profiles and photographs. You won't be charged for anything - not currently, nor ever. All dating administrations are free. Our free internet dating website was made particularly for you with the goal that you can meet new individuals, impart your hobbies, find new companions, and perhaps life accomplices. To be fruitful in gathering individuals, you don't have to hold up for somebody to message you. Be strong, take the activity! Keep in touch with any clients that investment you - when its all said and done, there's no such thing as having an excess of companions. Chatting with individuals from diverse nations will most likely expand your background, as well. Your new online companions can listen to your issues and perhaps provide for you some supportive, inviting counsel. You'll have the capacity to impart your most recent news, discuss work and your uproarious manager, examine the climate and meet individuals who offer the same diversions. is a safe approach to communicate with individuals. In the event that you observe that you would prefer not to keep communicating with somebody, you can essentially square them as an undesirable client. We likewise don't encourage you to impart your particular data, for example, your genuine name or email address, until you get to know an individual better. If you don't mind give careful consideration to the individuals who send you a message with their email address immediately and request yours in exchange. In the event that you dole your location out, you may discover you'll likewise get sent numerous undesirable messages and spam messages, which is the reason communicating through the safe email framework inside the site of is the most ideal approach to guarantee you'll be sheltered and your points of interest stay private.

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To start the process of LuvFree profile remove, you will have to log on to the site using you nickname and password. After that you end up in My Panel page. On that page you will press Delete, which is located in Profile status section. Now your LuvFree profile is deleted permanently.


LuvFree provides for all visitors absolutely free online dating services. You don’t need to pay a LuvFree price, because the website is available for all people and has a liberal moderation policy. To enter the website, just register and within a few minutes your account is activated, without using any LuvFree promo code.


To get LuvFree contact, just fill out the contact form. You’ll find this by clicking Contacts at the bottom of the page.

LuvFree reviews (2):

LuvFree - A place to be online


Luvfree is indeed a free website for registered members who are looking for friends or wants to be in a relation online.This is diversified free to all who are qualified and has followed the rules of the founder and maker of this site Luvfree. I have been here and met a lot of friends.Some we thought are their true personality but some are there to play games and never serious ..Its either they have had bad esperience that they are afraid to show their true self..thus ending to make the whole situation as a game to them..
As for friends, I would guess,this is much better to find. All ages, all nationality, all different characters, and all for fun.
The chat room is best to meet in this site/rather than going out like YM,msn,skype would not know..what the others intentions are..lolss

Best to meet friends..

Not serious here for a relationship. Wont work ..

vicky does recommend LuvFree to friends/family

LuvFree - yes and no


it is free and indeed there are quite a few women. chances are most likely good given the fact that majority of these "quite a few" are also quite homely. ergo, yes and no...

it is free

there is a reason it is free

nonebusine does recommend LuvFree to friends/family

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