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Last updated: December 7, 2019
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7orbetter.com describes itself as an endowed dating website - which comes with great personals services - that offers what you really want. But do you know what you really want from your partner? As the name might suggest, this website has some taboo criteria for finding your match. Join 7orbetter.com to meet single men with a large penis. Yes, this site is mostly dedicated to women - of course, men can join too.

We all know that having great looks, a great sense of humor, and great intelligence are desirable features that women seek in men. But when it comes down to business - the business of love - we all know that size matters.

If you are a busy woman, then you probably don't like wasting time. Going on romantic dates is a nice gesture from your male companion, but if he is not up to your sexual demands, then you might feel like you wasted time. This is where 7orbetter.com becomes a great matchmaking service. Get down to business, and stop randomly trying your luck.

A big penis is what separates real men from boys. Join now and find real men, who can satisfy and make you feel like a woman.

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7OrBetter reviews (15):

7OrBetter - the name is the only good thing about it


Dec 2019 It's a clunky, amateurish outdated design from the 90s all squashed up on left of screen, clip art menu buttons, mismatched fonts, and off-putting shades of brown in the main, so a most visually unappealing website with a 'vintage' look. Mobile is even worse and clearly not optimised for this platform. Generating a profile is strictly over managed and there are so many rules on what you can and cannot say. For a website that is praised by certain 'size queens' online, and is focused on linking women with a distinct penis size preference to the highest rare % levels of the male population, you are unable to mention sex at all in any way either on profiles, chat, forums or anything else, and of course men cannot display their assets at all.

So, it's self defeating, and inept. The search is very basic as are the profile categorisations, ridiculously search runs from 21-99 years, which is risible in itself but also means anyone legally 18-20 has by default to lie about their age.

For a 'size queen' site, it's surprising that very few women refer to penis size preference in their headline, or in their profile description, so you immediately wonder if this is just some purchased data stuffed website, or that the core message isn't getting across to users. Most profiles from women read as generic (dull) dating blandness, blah blah blah.. rarely is male size referenced at all. Profiles are subject to strict censorship so it all reads like wishy washy dating platitudes. Dull, dull, dull.

If you are a genuinely well hung man, with 7+ or more, you will be disappointed that you joined a site, maybe via LPSG where no one seems to mention the reason for you being there. In the UK, for example I could barely find any women who referenced penis size as a factor in their search for a partner.

Profile approval takes, well many days.... after a week I had to use the site's limited 'feedback' system to ask wtf had happened to my content and then I had to ask that several times with no response. Until you are finally approved you are invisible, and can do nothing but browse pointlessly. At this point I imagine many people give up. There are FAR too many men on this site compared to women, so clearly most are fakers as 7 inches or above is genuinely rare. There are also some comical size claims as the profile menu allows a selection up to 15 inches plus, so I can imagine how stupid some of the conversations must be. Having been endowed in double figures all my adult life, from experience I know exactly how women react in real life, good or bad. A lot of the female profiles are clearly fakes (gay men) or system generated. There are a handful of profiles I have seen on other penis size forum sites, the rest are basic dating profiles from mostly very ordinary women. If you think standards of SeekingArrangement women are 6-8, then these are the 3-5s.

The whole thing is a mess, and it appears 'free' - there is no visible subscription option on the site when joining, so you assume it is free, then if you ever receive a message (if your profile ever gets approved) you find then you cannot open them to read them and are redirected to a payment page, which otherwise is invisible on the site.

Admin help and feedback is non-existent, no email interaction, only a rubbish help page. Photo upload is inconsistent and difficult. Most female photos are very poor quality resolution, and they cannot be zoomed. You cannot comment or vote on photos. Nothing unclothed even partial is allowed.

Frankly the odds (as a genuine hung man) that you will meet a size queen type woman in your own area are miniscule on this site and you have to pay to even unlock a message which might be spam or pointless fakery.

the name makes you think it's a genuine niche market venue for size queen women and endowed men seeking expression. No other good points

It's thoroughly useless, false, ineptly run, badly designed, lacking features, poor quality content, dubious profiles, men outnumber women, and is totally undeserving of its name or apparent reputation as a penis size focused website. It's also a financial 'scam' which misrepresents as a free site then reveals a hidden payment policy so it's not transparent from outset.

7OrBetter - Great site


A friend recommended this site to me. I have had problems with relationships in the past because of my above average penis size. Women complained I was too big and sex was painful. The design of the site is a bit dated and could use some updating, but that is not why I joined. I was looking to date women who were comfortable with me physically. I was impressed with the classy environment of the site. The last thing I wanted was a sex hookup site. I wanted to meet someone I could actually date and that's what this site is about. I dated a few women from the site and now I am in a serious relationship with one of them. The site delivered!

Not a sex hookup site. Clean and classy and the women I spoke with were real and serious about meeting someone.

design is a bit dated.

Nick Addam does recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Garbage


In my opinion:

This place sucks, and I would not even waste three seconds on the site.

It's a cash grab for sure and it hardly has any members at all.

They try and control every aspect of what you write and what you do, all so you can pay 21 dollars a month for nothing.

They do not tell you up front they are going to charge you. They approve your profile(make sure you do not put any contact information to bypass them getting paid), and then you get messages in your email saying you have been approved and you have "new messages"

Then when you click on the message it prompts to pay if you want to see it.

You can be guaranteed they will respond with some BS excuse.

What a scam



Lisa does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Dreadful dated design, laborious join process, par


Ok so here is a site dedicated to the concept of men with unusually large penis and women who want to meet them and.. yes you cannot mention sex in any form, not in chat or in messages.. so how crazy does that sound? This site simply doesn't know what it wants to be. I am sure from searching profiles of women that virtually none of them ever mention a preference for penis size and that most of the profiles are data sourced from other conventional dating providers, just purchased data to stuff out the site.

I applied to join and the process to get your profile approved takes ages, mine still wasn't approved in more than 24 hours until I just gave up and didn't bother with the site any more. You join most other sites instantly or profiles are approved in hours at worst and often in minutes.

The design is clunky 1990s basic web work, for some reason it all is stuck in just the left half of your screen only leaving tons of wasted space. You're not allowed to mention or comment on another member, and all posts are just 'in a line' on each thread, very basic old design. The whole thing is rather sad really and whilst I thought the idea would be good it's basically cheap rubbish. I think a lot of the men got their via links from LPSG. I can't see it being ever a viable place for me to hook up with size-fascinated women for real.

none really apart from the name and the concept

antiquated design
Poor features
Oppressive and senseless censorship
Laborious profile approval process
amatereurish look and feel

Mv does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - 7or better.com is a sucky site that charges


Thumbs down


This sight sucks : there isnt a way to refine your search for people in your city/zipcode. Most of the profiles on here suck even though they claim they must be well written to be published. I took my time and made a profile. And people mailed me but it would only allow them to send their profile to me not a letter. The curators of the site Don't allow you to mention anyother sites in your profile or youll be banned.when i went to mail some potential matches back then i found out after all that that it is not a free sight like i thought and that in order to even respond back to potential matches i had to pay 7 dollars to be a member. So i was not happy and i told them in a mail that their site sucked ass oh and pit something in my profile saying how the site sucks too and they banned me from the site.lol .oh well. But the problem is. They are assholes cause they dont tell you that they charge before to put time and effort into doing a profile. So moral of the story dont talk shit to them they will delete your account .lol

Christa does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - A total waste of time. LACK of genuine profiles


I was so hopeful that this site would be different. What I found, the men who interacted with on the site,despite numerous attempts had no interest in meeting up in real life. They were only interested in keeping interactions online. These profiles are obviously fake... I am not sure if it some sad male pretending to be endowed to get female attention... or worse the site actually creating these false profiles.
When I raised the issue with false profiles I was ignored.

Good search capabilities

Lack of genuine members.
Not enough money being spent on advertisement.
The IM chat doesn't work well

Maggie does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Website Creates Fake Accounts/Total Scam


This website is a complete scam to get people out of their money. The website requires a subscription fee to use, yet the site itself and moderation staff are completely incompetent. The Website Admins have been caught creating fake accounts for the purpose of keeping people interested. I tried the website on and off for a year and realized how bad the fake problem was.

When I posted on the forum that there needed to be a system to verify accounts, I was promptly banned from the website, despite paying a subscription fee.

Be warned, this website is not out to help you.


-Fake Accounts made by the Website

-Awful Website/No features work

-Will Be banned for saying anything negative about the website or its moderators

-Can not flirt on the forums AT ALL. Nor can you talk about sex in the slightest, or you will be banned.

Brad does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Little Membership (no pun)


I didn't pay anything to use the site. After establishing a profile, I searched for potential matches, wisely before using my credit card to be able to interact there.

I live in one of the more populous of the states in the US, and in a 15-year age range around my own age, in my state of more than 10 million people, there were only 8 women on the site with pictures of their faces. Filtering my searches any number of ways, there were consistently 2- to 3-times as many men as women.

A site that is designed around one particular physical attribute has some shallowness and superficiality baked-in, yet there's no requirement that anyone post a face picture, and the vast majority of women on the site do not.

As one previous review noted, many of the face pictures posted by men are just plan fake or borrowed from internet searches.

As another reviewer noted, it didn't take her long to determine that there were only a handful of members of the opposite sex on the site in her major metropolitan area.

Decent search filtering capabilities. Annual subscription fee is relatively inexpensive, and there are no auto-renewals.

Very few members on the site, making it almost statistically impossible to find a local match. Site is selling one element of physical superficiality, but most most profiles either have fake pictures or no pictures whatsoever. Men vastly outnumber women on the site, even though the single qualifying factor for men to join eliminates 85 percent of the adult male population, based on reliable estimates.

CA does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Lots of fakes


Surprised at how many 12 inch penises there are on this site, some even claim more than 15 inches...I think there are lots of fakes on here.

Not much

Lots of fake profiles, limited members, what's not to like!

Doug does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

7OrBetter - Educated, Professional, and DISSAPOINTED


I've been on 7 or better for almost two months. I'm a careful and selective about who I chat/interact with, etc. I'm really really disappointed that there is virtually no one in my area and for God's sake I live in DFW. There could only be one reason, and that would be poor marketing. They happily took my money, and I was led to believe there were tons of potential available possible partners, but there were only a small handful in the entire DFW area. I'm not looking exclusively for size, but an amazing guy, so I need more than 5 people to find a good fit. For that much money, I've been scammed.

Good job requiring profiles to be filled out and screening photos.
Good job asking for detailed criteria about the gentleman.

There's no pool to fish in. Inexcusably limited male membership. As long as 7 has been around there should be much more money going into marketing and bringing good qualified candidates for us ladies to choose from!
The mobile site is terrible.
There's no "Contact Us" or a way to discuss concerns with the actual staff/company.
It's like a bad date....I've paid all the money and got nothing in return.

BusyMs does NOT recommend 7OrBetter to friends/family

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