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Last updated: October 24, 2017
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Plenty Of Fish (POF) Free Online Dating
1. Our members will go on over 18,000,000 dates with other users this year.

2. After taking our chemistry test we can match you by personality, and you can read others personality profiles.

3. Our success rate, matching algorithms and technology is unmatched, we are the only dating site capable of generating matches in real time. At 26 my algorithms and their results were cited in the Nobel Prize of Mathematics (Fields Medal) paper.

4. We allow you to restrict who can contact you, and we remove those unfit to date.

5. We are about 5 times larger than any paid site, you will get more messages and interest here than all paid dating sites combined.

6. Look, if you got this far you obviously want to meet someone. Signup and give it a shot.

Online Dating ServiceFree online dating service featuring photo personals, chat, messaging, ratings, advice etc

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Plenty Of Fish (POF) reviews (24):

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Good for women but bad for men


This is another site I have wasted 10 years of my life on.It is overwhelmingly populated by men which is great for women but bad for guys.A friends daughter has had lots of success on this site but I have been on here for over 10 years and the only mail I have ever had has been from admin.This site is only good for 3 types of men,1 the good lookers,2 the rich men and 3 the men who are good at telling lies that enable them to lure the women in.If you are ugly and poor like me don't waste your time because no one will be interested in you.


1)Fixed profile questions that don't let you answer honestly.2)Full of passport seekers,shallow women that go for looks and gold diggers.3)Terrible customer service.4)Awful layout.5)A waste of time for ordinary men.

Karl Grosv does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Stay away from Plenty of Stinky Fish


Where to even begin...the messed up ratio of ten men for each woman is the start of the issue. It makes the women very stuck up and demanding. Even the baggage laden fuggly ones without a job think they are gods gift to man. When they get 45 emails a day from men begging for their fat as sses, it can explain it (almost).

If you are a guy, who is lonely and looking for a relationship go here to get your ego crushed like a hamburger placed under a steam roller!

These girls are so fuc ugly for the most part, that by looking through this site it may actually assist you in losing weight. Then they are shocked why the vast majority of men go there to find some-thing to stick their dck in.

It's free.


Moshe does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Not awful, expecially considering the price.


I'm starting to think the whole online dating process is almost hopeless. An incredibly high percentage of the women I meet don't look very much like their photos. Some look 15 years older. There are a few a lunatics too. On the other hand, I did have a couple of "near misses" where we were almost, but not quite compatible. BUT, here's the important part: the mediocre rating that I give to POF is exactly the same as what I give to, which I finally left. The bottom line is that ALL these sites are slow, frustrating, and don't have very good batting averages. So I used to spend a lot of money getting almost nowhere, but now I'm getting almost nowhere for free. So I guess that's an improvement, huh? If you get easily frustrated and impatient, don't use any dating site, free or paid, because they'll all irritate you. If you do have the patience, this one is a little better than average, and it's FREE. By the way, I would give the same review to okcupid.

The batting average is low, but it's not zero. And it seems as good/bad as, which is expensive. This one is FREE.

The batting average isn't zero, but it's low.

Ira does recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family



I'm a handsome 45 y.o{younger looking than george Clooney}. male,very successful,everything a women would{at least a normal women}want.
Yet only get viewed 2 times a week first six weeks,only one coffee date.Needless to say mostly by women my age or older.
I don't know if it westcoast mentality or what, but the ladys here do not respond in any manner.
Even the ugly ones, I tried one ,very plain ,poorly dressed,yet after my third email suggesting we meet she froze!!go figure!
I wasted $60. and caution any MAN about this site.
Also MR. Markas{owner}prohibits contact with and females 14 years younger than you.
When I put my photo on a Asian dating site I get 2-5 emails a day by girls in their 20-30's!!
Wonder why these westcoasts all fatso's,perhaps to much gym,yoga and grouse grind!!!go figure.
Get me out of here.eeeks!!


too many to mention!!
poor site all around.
Doesn't provide body weight.

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - POF Probably 0 Females...


This site was horrible I received few responses and none serious, I am guessing the ratio of this dating site is 65% M / 35% F so my title is a bit harsh maybe Plenty OF Flakes would be a better one. If you want a decent site for meeting ladies you are going to have to pay plain and simple...try(No Joke) for info on dating site F/M ratios.
Also check out best 15 dating sites which were tested and rated based on sucess the men had...There is also another site that has you pay for dates I would be a bit nervous about this but is does cut to the chase....Good Luck.
If you a Beta Male living in the USA you will need it.

1. Free
2. Get used to online dating without paying for it.

1. Zero Sucess at meeting women.

Michael does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Does what it promises - a lot of these reviewers a


It's free, the profiles are real, and the service is well run. One importnat feature is that they show you how long it has been since the person was online (most paid services don't do this because they want to give you the illusion of thousands of members when actually most of them haven't been online in months)

The only change I'd like to see is being able to "hide" a profile you're not interested in so you don't have to wade through the same ones every time you search.

As for all the negative reviews here, these people are whiners. If women aren't writing you back IT'S BECAUSE THEY AREN'T INTERESTED. If you meet someone who turns out to be a psycho IT'S NOT THE SITE'S FAULT, it's your fault for not being picky.

This site does what it's supposed to do - features real profiles of currently active members you can easily contact. The first time you're on it can be a little time-consuming going through all the profiles of active members. But after that all you have to do is search for new members to stay updated.

- profiles are real
- totally free
- shows you how long it's been since they were online so you're only contacting active members
- large number of members

- only con I can think of is that it would be nice if you could hide profiles from your searches so you don't have to wade through the same profile every search.

Mark does recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Plenty of fatties


I've been on this site for about a year. I met a woman and saw her several times. She turned out to be a headcase although crazy in the head usually means fun in bed which it was. I find that one out of 20 emails get answered. Lots of time for very little return. I've seen the same profiles come up as supposed matches. Very little new talent. I've probably been out on a dozen meetings, but unfortunately my third eye isn't blind. I have encountered more than a couple that started right out by describing their financial woes. If you have a lot of time and energy and can tolerate total rejection by all means sign up because it costs nothing but time.

As a word of caution, beware of women that lack full body photos unless you are looking for somebody that outweighs you. T Rex lives at pof...


plenty of problems and head cases. the few decent looking women in my age group are stuck up bitches that truly believe there is no odor to their fecal matter.

sparky does recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - The Jaded and the Dip****


I was on POF when it first started up and I thought it was great, It was free, you could meet people, but in the last few years taken a drastic nose dive. If you are SERIOUS about meeting someone, "Man or Woman," you will need to have a lot of patience and be prepared for a ton of frusteration before you actually meet someone great; this is why.

I'll just go ahead and say it, "It's of the guys on this site." To alot of the men, it's a numbers game. They write they write "one" generic message then copy and paste it to as many women as then can.

That's exactly why sometimes a message will pop up saying "If you don't get a reply don't get discouraged, some of the women with great pictures get up to 100 messages a day)...Because they do. (and feel free to become discouraged)

And really, there not even decent messages. They are usually along the lines of "Sup?", "Need a drinking buddy tonight?", "Do you want to cam?". I mean seriously, from a woman's persective, if I had 99 of those kind of messages in my inbox I'd be frusterated and too .

Which takes me to my next point. If your a guy who is genuine with good intentions, takes the time to read the profiles and take the effort to write a proper email (like any woman deserves), the reality is they may not even get to it. Or worse they are already to jaded after going through all the B.S, to appreciate the effort you put into into your message.

What I would recommend that would make this site 60 times better.... Remove the ablitity to "Cut and paste", just like differant "Really great site" does.

This would prevent these Dip***** from borderling "Harrasing" the women to the point where they want to just say "I give up". It only takes a few (perhaps 6,000,000) bad apples to ruin the experiance for the rest of us.

It is free. Nothing to complain about that. Easy to Navigate and I know some people who it has worked for.

It is free, and if you are willing play the numbers game by copy and pasting one genric message and sending it to every woman you see, then yes it might work for you, But is you are a serious about meeting someone. I still say "put in the time and effort".... just to be patient

Karl does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Plenty of Fail


Plenty of Fish is the worst dating site on the Internet.

While the concept of online dating is well meaning, the execution of it is very difficult. However, while some sites actually make an attempt at creating a useful and potentially rewarding user experience, it is clear that Plenty of Fish have no such aspirations.

For the honest guy, the site is teeming with fakes, con artists, delusional leftovers, social paths and attention seekers. There is probably 1 plausible candidate for every 99 you have the displeasure of having to swim past. However, many of the candidates are wary since they had to endure a sea full of equally dreadful denizens.

The honest woman has to endure a steady flow of cads and poseurs looking for a booty call. Encouraged by the amount of truth-stretching by a lot of the female ads, these hounds will post up equally embellished profiles and often completely fake photos. It?s like trying to find an honest person in the middle of a smash-and-dash riot looting fest. They do exist, but the chances are, you won?t find them here.

What makes Plenty of Fish particularly bad is that they clear promote all sorts of negative behaviour.

Although they will attempt to remove fakes and any profiles that have any hostility towards women, they are apparently less likely to remove female members who lace their profiles with an obvious tone of hostility towards men. There excuse is that they need as many female members as possible. However, how is that an excuse to promote negativity? It?s supposed to be about love and not hate, is it not?

Speaking of negativity. The man bashers have a place to hide out: the forums.

There is a small group of regulars that post up all sorts of negative comments about men in general. Sometimes the comments are blatant; sometimes they are cleverly couched in innuendo. However, these are left around while the moderator deletes rebuttals at her whim. It doesn?t take much to realize that the moderator, miss_Allison, has a clear agenda. She does not allow open dialogue about anything she deems to be ?done to death?. This really just translates to censorship of anything she can?t debate, but disagrees with. Members who speak out against it receive a permanent ban.

Essentially, this means that the forum site promotes intolerance to anything that man-bashers don?t want to hear.

The whole affair is a travesty, and people should avoid the site. The Internet community deserves far better.

- Free
- You don?t have to go there

- Full of Fakes, Frauds, Man Bashers, Sex Hounds
- Run like cheap backroom operation (and it shows)
- Membership is free but your time isn?t
- Will make you think that the world is full of narcissistic, delusional women and sex-crazed loser guys
- Forums are seriously biased towards man bashers

Justin does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Cheaters and liars


I was only on the site for two weeks and that was too long.
I got plenty of responses to my profile and either they were married, creeps, liars, old photos, whined about the quality of the women, asked me to move in or marry them before they even knew my name.
There were no respectful men on there. None were serious about anything but a one night stand or a booty call. I was totally disgusted with the men my age on there.

It is free.

Losers, liars, cheaters.....don't waste your time!!!

Pam does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family

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