Plenty Of Fish (POF) Review - Worst Site On The Planet

Plenty Of Fish (POF) - Worst Site On The Planet


This is the absolute worst site for dating ever! The women are DANGEROUS. First of all they ALL lie...they'll swear they are being truthful...DON'T BELIEVE THEM. If you're in the market for lonely, deparate women who want nothing more than to "hook" someone...this is the place for you. My experience was horrible. I dated a few women whom I thought were normal from our conversations...NOT! First of all, if their profile says average body type...that means VERY OVER WEIGHT. They make POF their profession to hook someone...don't be fooled. Lonely, deparate women who can't meet someone by any other means flock to this site. Guys...hide your wallets!!!


Women are all liars
Fake Profiles
Site should be called Plenty of Degenerates
Profiles deleted at will with no explanation

Joe does NOT recommend Plenty Of Fish (POF) to friends/family


Date: May 17, 2011 - 8:33

By: steve

its no different anywere else people lie to themselves they will lie to you people think that if they say something people will atomaticly believe them even when the person they are trying to convince saw it with there own eyes some people are just worse than others if you disagree then you are one of the ones who lie to themselves not saying everyone is a bad person but everyone poops and everyone lies get used to it and protect yourself and expect it. locks are on every door for a reason but still is not going to keep out a thief it only keeps honest people honest its not hard to tell when someone is lying and the internet is a liers paradice it has no locks to keep honest people honest so anyway when you find an honest person you will appreciate them that much more but Im sure you already figured that out. good luck

Date: April 23, 2012 - 9:47

By: AVOID POF! Plentyoffish =

AVOID POF at all costs, unless you want to waste your time, deal with flakes, time wasters or risk serious damage to your mental health and personal well being.THIS is the WORST dating site ever. Plentyoffish seems to be full of narcissistic egotistical people. The women are the worst there, they are liars, manipulators, extremely selfish, ignorant and stupid. Most of them suffer from dangerous personality disorder such as Narcissistic and Sociopathic personality disorders. I've met already 2 people with severe multiple personality disorder(also know as dissociative identity disorder) ran into a few with sociopathic tendencies. The people on that site are sick bastards who pretend to be normal, but if you look at most of the photos, they always have an alcoholic drink in their hands, drunk in their photos, are engaging in risky behavior, or extreme sports, and they all have their hands on their waist on nearly every profile. The body language of someone with their sands on their waist is a sign of aggression, or anger, assertiveness and aggressive personalities. Do not go on this site!

Date: July 11, 2012 - 0:30

By: Worst Online Dating Site

Online dating is pretty lame to begin with. The lack of immediate reprisal for lying makes it easy for people with all sorts of anti-social traits to fill the ranks of membership.

Plenty-of-Freaks wins hands down as the WORST of the WORST.

There are four main reasons that let this happen:
1. It?s free. Sure you can ?upgrade? but why would you. That would be like asking for more requests for money from that ?Nigerian Prince.?
2. There?s hardly any real filtering against making a fake profile.
3. The site owner has no reason to make an honest effort at providing a rewarding user experience. It?s all about making money any way he can.
4. There?s no law against having a poorly managed and operated site.
5. Oh, did I mention it was FREE?

There are more reasons why it keeps happening:
1. Men outnumber women in membership by a staggering ratio, so any woman will get loads of attention online.
2. The women who are out-competed in the real world quickly discover this and live eat it up faster than the large bucket of fried chicken they did for lunch.
3. The forums are controlled an angry man-hating woman, so that becomes a haven for all sorts of man-bashing (any comment against this is deleted and you get banned if you complain.)
4. The site tries to attract more women so they allow liberties just to get them onboard. That includes candy-coated body-types like ?a few extra pounds? instead of a requirement for a recent full body photograph (the camera my add 10 lbs, but it rarely lies.)
5. If you read some of the garbage that is written in the profiles or on the forums you quickly realize that Plenty-of-Flounders attracts the bottom-of-the-barrel types. That includes the seriously delusional, the hostile leftovers and the ?I?m not fat, I?m big and beautiful and everybody loves me.?

So, although the concept of an online dating forum is not a bad idea, the production of one has to take into consideration what kind of women it eventually fills up with.

Let?s be honest here.

Even a slightly attractive woman will have little problem getting men to notice her out in the real world. A bit of attention to detail, a whiff of perfume and the guys will come out in droves. If a woman has to go to a FREE online service, there is either some SERIOUSLY flawed with her or she isn?t going there to find a date.

That?s what you?ll get on Plenty-of-Free-Trash.

Go outside and find a real woman on terra firma. You won?t get anything worth keeping on Plenty-of-Fakers (but you?ll waste a lot of time trying.)

The site should die at the hands of hackers. The Internet and the Internet community deserve a lot better than that pile of stinking rubbish.

Date: August 10, 2012 - 9:00

By: PoF isn't all bad

I used PoF for a few weeks & have to say I found that most people are going to lie no matter what gender they are. Myself being a girl of real average size, didn't lie to any one I dated on the site. I did have one fellow who lied to me & most guys never did read my profile. Thankfully on my last try with the site I met someone who I have been with now for 2 years & we?re very happy. He didn?t have the best of luck on the site either & had some horror stories which we laughed about on our first date. He was a bit worried I was lying like the rest but after a month of just skypeing/phone calls we ended up meeting & the rest is history. Personally I had back luck on all the dating sites as I tried them all. So paying doesn?t make it better.

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